Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sad Face!!

Strategy Hottie apparently has a girlfriend. Sigh. Of course he does!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Overheating Neurons

Ohhhhh how I despise my occasionally surprisingly traditional subconscious. Let it just be said that I am not one of those women who has been planning her dream wedding since she was 5years old - as American women are apparently want to do according to the media (so it must be true); I have never in my life hankered after a husband, a white picket fence and 2.4 children, in fact I'm not sure whether I am particular bothered about being married at all, so why oh why oh why should it be that in graduate trainee assessors training today – yes I am giving up my weekend to be an assessor for the new batch of applicants for our graduate trainee program, what a selfless employee I am - with just one person sat between Strategy Hottie and I - ah Shafi how I envied thee - did my subconscious brain automatically put my first name and his last name together upon hearing him introduce himself to see how it would sound if we were married!!

What the chuff!!!

Seriously where did that come from? I can only assume it was proximity to his general Hottness that addled my brain. It generally happens when I am within 5 feet of him on the best of occasions, so it's to be expected when I accidentally find myself less than 5 feet away, but still, I was mortified when I realized what had happened; such a betrayal from my own subconscious. I am only thankful that I didn't say it out loud when it was my turn to introduce myself.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

A beautiful day for a wedding

My fabulous friend Melissa is getting married this evening. It's so exciting!! The wedding is being held in this old carriage house in the village called Alger House. It's such a beautiful day in New York today it's a shame that it's not outdoors, but then who'd plan an outdoor wedding in NYC in March? Only an idiot!! It's crazy warm and sunny today, it's supposed to hit 75F which is 20degrees higher than average. I am so glad Melissa and her fiance have nice weather for the photos they were hoping to take in Central Park this morning. "I know he's not supposed to see me in my dress before the ceremony, but I really want some photos taken in the city."

Heavens to Betsy, get her breaking with tradition, she'll be telling me she's not a virgin next ;-)

I've started the process of getting ready anyway, I popped out for a mani/pedi this morning and I've just styled my hair, so I've got 2 more hours to put some slap on and shimmy into my dress. I'm going quite old style for this one with peep toe kitten heels and a retro print dress which is fitted snugly under the bust, but has a clever pleating detail at the front so that it's not too tight and I will be able to conceal my wedding cake filled belly ;-)

I like to get ready slowly for these things so that if anything goes horribly wrong I have time to fix it. I did have a mad half hour this morning of tearing up my apartment in search of the toe-less pantyhose I need to wear with my peep toe heels, but thankfully I finally found them in a canvas bag that I've shoved to the back of my closet. I was thinking for a second that I was either going to have to run to Macy's, the only place I could get them when I bought them to wear with the same heels for Clo's wedding, whip up my own by taking the scissors to the toes of another pair of tights or, God forbid, go bare legged. Fingers crossed that was the worst of it. I've had a trial run of the outfit and aside from a worrying moment when I couldn't get the zipper past the waistband - this is why I need a boyfriend - it's all gone well. Just the make up to tackle now, the biggest job ;-)