Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Charleston Part 2

Phew!!! It’s horribly hot, humid and stinky in New York, it's in the upper 90s for the 4th day on the trot. Not my favourite weather. I pretty much stayed home in air conditioned bliss over the weekend and cleaned my apartment in preparation for my parents’ visit in a few weeks since even the briefest trip to the deli on the corner left me feeling overheated and on the verge of disgruntlement. I’m not a fan of the heat. Catweazle keeps reminding me how much hotter it can get down south, but as far as I can tell Southerners don’t actually have to spend that much time enduring the heat, they leave their central air conditioned homes, walk a few feet to their air conditioned cars and drive to their air conditioned offices, but in New York you have to bloody walk everywhere and by the time you get there you feel like a bedraggled mess!! Anyway fingers crossed the temperature drops tomorrow per the forecast.

It was hot, but much less stinky in Charleston last weekend; well it was less stinky once we’d left the vicinity of our B&B and the neighbouring horses in the carriage house. We were up reasonably early on Saturday morning so while Catweazle was in the shower – he spends longer in the bathroom than me that one ;-) - I consulted the
New York Times article for a breakfast recommendation…

“Tropical Toast at Diana's (155 Meeting Street, 843-534-0043;
www.tropicaltoast.com) looks fairly plain on the outside, but inside, you'll find a cozy place decorated like a Jimmy Buffett song with a thatch hut bar and palm tree motifs. The breakfasts include currant French toast stuffed with apples or peaches ($7.50 single, $9.79 double), and Eggs Meeting Street ($11.99) — a stack of poached eggs, fried green tomatoes, crab cakes and rémoulade.”

An hour later Catweazle had to roll me out of the place. Talk about who ate all the pies. It’s a mystery to me how some southern women manage to stay so slender what with all the fried food, biscuits, gravy and such that people seem to eat.

In the foreground is a half portion of the Eggs Meeting Street, this also came with 'grits' - for the uninitiated grits is/are a lot like polenta. In fact it might be the same thing, I'm not entirely sure. Catweazle ordered grits topped with cheddar as a side to his French toast stuffed with apple - and a 'biscuit' (American biscuits are like the delicious offspring of a savoury scone and a bread roll). I wasn't even through half of it before I felt fit to explode and had to leave it. Phew!!

Afterwards we attempted to burn off our breakfast calories - fat chance - by taking the Gateway Walk which the NY Times described as a walk through “a series of interconnected and semi-hidden gardens…lined with moss-laden oaks and takes you past the city's most historically significant churches.” It was very pretty with all the Spanish moss hanging from the trees....

Afterwards we browsed around the shops on King St and I spent far too much money in a lovely store on King St called Plum Elements. I was smitten with a mustard coloured Chinese medicine chest, but couldn't afford the $1800 price tag. I settled on a couple of cute red laquered oxen - except they looked like pigs to me - for my apartment instead.

My mobile phone doesn't take the best snapshots, but do these look like oxen to you? Yes those are my socks hanging in the background ;-)

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Blur Ting said...

Cute little oxens on piggy back!