Monday, 25 April 2011

Ohhhh Great....

Can you believe that now I have toothache? I am more or less over my fortnight of flu symptoms, I was finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when bam...toothache, my last remaining wisdom tooth at that. I blame all the Halls cough sweets I've been chomping to ease my sore throat. If I go to the dentist he'll just try and coerce me to have it taken out. He's extraction happy that one, but his recommendation is counter to the advice given to me by the oral surgeon who so capably removed my other 3 wisdom teeth.

"There's a 20% chance of permanent nerve damage," he told me "I wouldn't risk it if it's not causing you too much trouble."

Well it wasn't causing me too much trouble, but...sigh!!

I couldn't wait to get home from my weights class tonight - I found it extremely tough today despite the routine being no real change from the usual, something is off - and attack my gums with dental floss.

Anyway I'm going to give my usual remedy of Advil and rinsing with good old solution of TCP (or trichlorophenylmethyliodosalicyl to give it its proper name - just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?)
solution a whirl for a few days before I do anything rash. It's worked in the past - TCP is da bomb - so fingers crossed.

Here's a cheery tune for your enjoyment. I love this song by 15 year old - fifteen!!! - Dionne Bromfield, but don't be put off by her age it's a fabulous song. I would have bet money it was Paloma Faith when I first heard it.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Folk Remedies

Yesterday morning I had the following IM exchange with my manager after sending him some results he was after for a new business pitch...

9:26:15 AM: Boss: exactly what I need - thank you
9:26:24 AM: Fish: No probs
9:26:26 AM: Boss: BTW you feeling better or still sick?
9:26:29 AM: Fish: Still sick
9:26:38 AM: Boss: Vodka with black pepper
9:26:38 AM: Fish: It's changed now though it's a chesty cough
9:26:42 AM: Fish: ha ha
9:26:52 AM: Fish: I'm going with Mucinex
9:27:00 AM: Boss: we give it to the baby and it works
9:27:15 AM: Fish: whwhwhat, I'm calling social services :-)
9:27:30 AM: Boss: we will give the same to them
9:27:36 AM: Boss: ha ha

Can you tell my boss is of Russian persuasion? What a total cliche he is recommending vodka as a cure. Mind you after going to bed last night suffering as usual with a coughing fit that stopped me from dozing off until after 1am and then waking up at 5.30am this morning I'm almost at a point where I'm willing to try anything. Almost.

Monday, 18 April 2011

I Got Chills, They're Multiplying...

Ugh, I'm sick. It's been a week now and no sign of a reprieve, this lurgy is lingering!! Last week's head cold has morphed into a nagging chesty cough that stops me from falling asleep and wakes me up early despite my being dosed up on about 3 different medications. I get the worst coughing fits where my stomach crunches into a fist threatening to expel anything recently consumed - seriously the only positive to this illness is the lack of an appetite since I plan to squeeze into a bikini about 3months from now* - and any minute now I expect to cough up a lung. Joy!! Seriously I'm a big mess if I were a dog I would have been put out of my misery. Really really really wishing I'd had that flu jab now, although it probably wouldn't have done much good as I was Googling my symptoms and uh-oh I'm thinking tuberculosis!!

Oh dear!!

Poor me!!

Seriously though I'm thinking a day off work might be in order tomorrow, or at the very least a late arrival. I was off last Tuesday too when my symptoms first hit, hoping that a day of rest would head it off at the pass, but sadly that scenario didn't exactly go to plan. At least I look ill this week with my blood shot eyes and pallid complexion, last week I was all flushed and walking around looking like the picture of health, it was only when I spoke that you could tell I wasn't all together compos mentis since I was only capable of emitting a high pitched squeak. Sadly no benefit of the sexy Demi Moore style rasp that often accompanies a sore throat.

I know how this dog feels!!

*I've literally been working my arse off, alternately taking Pilates and total body conditioning classes 5 or 6 times a week consistently since way back in January and I am finally starting to like what I see. I even tried my bikini on yesterday and while I'm not quite ready to stromp along the beach in it everything is heading in the right direction. Inwards!! Yay!!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ugh, I'm a basket case!!

Ahhh, what a fun bout of insomnia I am having. Actually that's so not true!! After weeks - well, okay I admit it's really just days, but almost a fortnight so almost weeks, plural - of sobriety I have resorted to quaffing a couple of glasses of Malbec tonight in an effort to sozzle my brain into submission, because it's trying to kill me via sleep deprivation. I don't know what the hell is so important that my brain feels the need to obsess over minor details in the middle of the night, but obsess it does. Last week I had fitful dreams about packing an enormous suitcase - seriously it was the size of my Queen bed, I could have easily laid inside it sardine like, the thing was 6-feet high - for my trip to the Pacific North West in June and I was fretting about getting it onto the train I shall be taking from Portland to Seattle*, never mind the fact that at 5ft there is no way I would even be able to wheel a suitcase of that size.

Today was worse than yesterday after 2 consecutive sleepless nights and less sleep on the weekend than I would like thanks to my inconsiderate neighbor waking me up at 6am. Grrrrr!! I could barely walk in a straight line and was wobbling all over the place in Pilates trying to do the 'banana split' move, an exercise that has me rolling around like a weeble at the best of times. At least I went though, which is more than I can say for Megan who ditched me for the Yankees, so a pat on the back for me. Yay me, I deserve my Malbec.

Give the banana split a try for yourself, it's not easy!!

*Apparently dreams of packing suitcases signify a need to prepare carefully for the next stage of our lives. Oooooooh!!!