Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Up with the chuffing larks

Sorry it has taken me while to get around to posting. I am working 8am-8pm these days and can barely stand to so much as look at a computer outside of work hours. Happily I have a couple of days off while my friend Dawn and her boyfriend Steve are in town from Ealing. They arrived yesterday at 7pm and this is Steve's first time in NYC. I thought they'd be up with the larks this morning what with the jet lag and all, but no, they are happily snoozing and I woke up at 5:20am and couldn't get back to sleep!! 5:20am!!! What's THAT about? How come I am never able to bound out of bed so early when I would like to get to squeeze in a trip to the gym before work, however when I have a day off and have an opportunity to sleep in 6 and a bit hours sleep is apparently more than sufficient thank you very much. Ugh!! Actually I am feeling pretty tired and expect to crash spectacularly come the afternoon!! So much for being a hostess with the mostess.

I'm busy planning their day as I wait for them to stir. The weather forecast is a bit of a mess this week, rain rain and rain with a side of showers and thunderstorms, but this morning we have beautiful blue skies so I think I shall send them up the Empire State Building - can you believe it's almost $20 to go up to the observation deck now? - while I hit the gym. I have my eye on making a 10am total body conditioning class at the NYSC gym at 34th and Park. The observation deck of the ESB opens at 8am and I am fighting the urge to prod them awake so they can seize the opportunity to get there early beat the crowds and enjoy the weather, but that would be too cruel even if I do have their best interests at heart....wouldn't it ;-)

Monday, 4 May 2009

Frayed nerves & Alessi's Ark

I never have any time to post these days, it's the same old story, work is out of control and weekends are spent lying on the couch recovering.

I thought I saw light at the end of the tunnel a couple of weeks ago when we were finally able to make a job offer to a chappie I interviewed back in February and he immediately accepted. I couldn't believe it, finally someone to help relieve some of the burden. I started fantasizing about being able to leave the office while it's still light out, but alas it was not meant to be. My chappie has "visa issues" and cannot join for at least 4weeks just as we are hitting about busy time!!! Ugh!!

My nerves are frazzled, but soothing songs like this lovely tune from Alessi's Ark help immensely!! Enjoy!!