Sunday, 18 October 2009

Musical Interlude - Codeine Velvet Club

No time to update you further on my Icelandic travels, I'm working, having conference calls with my client on a Sunday afternoon no less. I think I need to find my client a boyfriend and then maybe he'll be less inclined to bother me on a weekend....maybe!! Oh who am I kidding the man is a workaholic, which is fine if that's what he wants, I just wish he would stop trying to take us along with him, since I'd really like to have a life outside of the office. When he told me today how impressed by the work that my team has produced and that he'd like to have us work for him 100% next year I was both gratified and horrified.

He has some changes to the work we've been doing for him over the past week and gave us a deadline of Monday at midnight to get the revisions to him. Midnight!!!! Two of my team members already worked beyond midnight two days last week and we were in until almost 9.30pm on Friday!! "I need a very large drink," sighed one as we slumped our way out of the building ignoring one last email with some minor changes that could easily be done on Monday - seriously who sends an email with a request for changes at 9.15pm on a Friday!!!!! I headed straight to Melissa's to help celebrate her fiance's 50th and arrived just as they were all doing whiskey shots, which I wisely avoided given I hadn't eaten anything since my lunchtime salad, although after 1 large glass of wine I was swept along with the carousing. Let's just say my head was quite sore on Saturday morning!!

The end is in sight for this project, but tomorrow is looking like it could be another long day. Not that I want to ease the path to alcoholism for my team, but I think I'll stop by the off license on the way home and buy some wine and beer for our inevitable late night working session tomorrow, so that they can at least get some fun out of it.

Anyway here's a little Codeine Velvet Club for your entertainment. I'll try and continue my Icelandic posts soon.

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