Thursday, 25 February 2010

Bring on the antibiotics

Phooooo!!! My breath absolutely reeks of garlic today. Good job my Strategy Hottie crush is away in Miami this week. The garlic oil didn't have a positive effect on the ear infection either so I finally caved and managed to finagle a doctor's appointment for 3.30pm this afternoon. I wonder if the doctor will be able to tell that I poured garlic infused oil in my ear last night? I'm half expecting the "the only thing you should stick in your ear is your elbow" chat. Hopefully I shall have some lovely antibiotic ear drops in my clutches in the not too distant future.

Re: my crush did I mention I actually managed to strike up a conversation with him last week? In fact this is the reason I know he's in Miami this week and not because I have been stalking him on Facebook or something lest you were wondering. He seems pretty young up close to be honest, although breathtakingly cute, but I do suspect that I really am old enough to have given birth to him, which is a depressing thought. Perhaps I should switch my attention to the Creative Cutie who has been giving me the eye, since he seems like he might be closer to my age than Strategy Hottie. I've been trying to smile at Creative Cutie to encourage him to move on from just staring at me as I walk down the hallway when he is on our floor playing ping pong - our floor has become infinitely more popular since we got a table tennis table - but he refuses to rise to the challenge and ask me out for a drink. Men eh!!

Have to say Strategy Hottie picked a good week to be in South Florida since we have a corker of a snow storm blowing. They predicted sleet that would turn to snow at some point today, but it seemed from NY1 this morning that they were thinking it would change around 3pm this afternoon. When I left just after 7am it was sleet-like, but around 8.30am it turned and now we have these massive flakes of snow. It's very pretty to watch, but I am not looking forward to walking 3 avenue blocks in it to my doctor's appointment this afternoon.


Amel said...

Well, rest well this weekend and hope you get MUCH better after the weekend is over. :-)))

No snowstorm here, but it snowed a lot a few days ago so I had much snow job to do. :-D Great exercise for my arm muscles ha ha ha...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks Amel, good luck with the snow shoveling. New York netted out with 21inches of snow yesterday, fortunately I don't have to do any work to clear it ;-)

Have a lovely weekend!!

Kitty said...

oh my, when it rains, it pours!!
...or snows, I suppose. I'm glad you have eye candy at your office. Anything to put a spring in your step sounds good to me.

Funny also how garlic is absorbed into your body like that. Eek. This is why I have suspended all Fairway pesto consumption. I could just imagine a green cloud surrounding me!

Hope you feel better, Fish!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

Yes eye candy definitely makes the office more enjoyable :-)

Thanks for the well wishes, I'm on the Penicillin for the next week and a half so hopefully that should clear things up.

Hope you are having a smashing weekend.

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