Friday, 2 April 2010


Yesterday I received the following email from my account lead

From: John
To: Fish, Jack, Sujana, Sarah, Andrea
Date: 04/01/2010 11:59 AM
Subject: URGENT: Client meeting


I need your collective brains asap. Can you meet at 12.15pm (meeting room on 9 by Fish's office)?

Long story which I will explain when we meet face to face.



Uh-oh!!! Trouble brewing!!

We met and John explained that he'd just had an awful call with two of the NA clients and their client database manager, Oliver, who told him that they'd found out that database records had been changed for 16 customers after 4 of them had called in to complain about incorrect information in their statements. An internal investigation had apparently been carried out by the client and Oliver said that no-one on his team had made any changes and it must have been someone on our team.

I was gobsmacked. I was mortified. Question my or my team's integrity? How very dare they!!!!!! I was seething!!!

"How can they even suggest we'd do such a thing," I said completely indignant. "We only have read only access to the database so there's no way we can upload changes. The only way something could have happened is through the live toolset and even then...."

"But that's read only too," said Jack.

"It's really serious," said John "this is really going to affect us working with the client if we cannot resolve it, and Oliver is ready to throw us under the bus with our NA client, we could lose the business."

"Well if someone did change the record you should be able to trace it back to their login ID," I responded, "it will prove we had nothing to do with it."

"Ok, well I will talk to them about it, but we also need to discuss this," said John sliding a small square of paper towards me.

On which was written.....



He completely got me!!

Begrudgingly I was kind of impressed, but next year I will wreak my revenge ;-)

Ideas welcome, answers on a postcard please ;-)


Amel said...

THAT IS...GRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHH!!!! I don't like April Fool's Day. It's just NOT FUN AT ALL IMHO!!!

Kitty said...

I think it's great when people actually do something for April Fools. The day is no longer on my radar, sadly!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel, oh it didn't bother me too much as it only lasted 15minutes. I was quite impressed that John got me. My boss, who is his friend, got his revenge on behalf of his team.

Hi Kitty, it did make for a fun day, and brought some much needed levity to the office. Last week was a tough one.

Amel said...

YAAAAYYY for revenge!!!! :-D Well, good that it didn't bother you too much he he he...

Jonathan said...

That's a pretty gutsy April Fool prank :)

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Jonathan, yes I agree, but John and I have a good relationship, so he's the one person who could get away with it ;-)