Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Shape up Britain!!!

Good Lord it's travel chaos in England at the moment. I was really lucky to fly in when I did, arriving at Heathrow at 9.30am on Friday morning, since as of Friday night the vast majority of flights out were cancelled and people have been sleeping overnight in the terminals. The Eurostar train service from St Pancras has also been affected with people waiting in freezing conditions for trains delayed for up to 8hours. People are understandably miserable!!

Tomorrow I am supposed to take the train north to Yorkshire to be with my family for the festive season, but I've just learned that severe damage to overhead power lines as a result of temperatures dropping to -15C has caused 'havoc' on the East Coast train line with 100s of passengers stuck on trains and no service north of Peterborough. Ugh!!

Chances are Miles and B may well have a guest for Christmas this year :-)


Amel said...

Ouch...still so much chaos, eh? Sorry to hear about that. It reminds me when we got "stuck" in Crete last April due to the volcanic ash. Good thing we didn't get stuck in any airport and we could get a free hotel for a week. Now I know why God wanted to give us an extra free holiday week 'coz after that I got a job and we couldn't go anywhere else during R2's summer holiday he he...

Anyhow, stay warm and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. Hopefully things get better soon!!!

Kitty said...

ugh! To be stranded in an airport during this time would be truly miserable.

Happy holidays, Fish. Hope you are enjoying your time with your family.