Monday, 3 January 2011

Attention Shoe Lovers!!

So I meant to post the photos of this sculpture that's currently on display (permanent?) on the second floor (3rd floor US) of Selfridges Department Store in London along with the pics of the sculptures on display at Marble Arch, since Miles and I saw this on the same day, but it slipped my mind, but better late than never. Can you guess what the piece is made of??

No guesses????

Does this view of the heel help at all??

Yes, it's PANS!!! Pretty cool eh!! The piece is the work of artist Joana Vasconcelos. I've never come across her work before, but I love this, although I do think it would have been more fitting to install the piece in Selfridges' new - well relatively, it opened in September 2010 - Shoe Galleries on the same floor instead of among contemporary apparel, or would that have been too obvious and corny???

Apparently Selfridges' Shoe Galleries is the world's largest shoe department with 35,000 square feet dedicated to shoes!!! Phew, be still my beating heart!!

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Amel said...

PANS? PANS?!?!?!?! WOAAAAHHH...Artists are really something else!!! THUMBS UP!!!