Friday, 2 September 2011

Helloooooo San Diego

So despite seeing not one, but THREE reports of large shark sightings I decided to go ahead with at least the first of the four surf lessons I had booked after popping into the surf school and chatting with the woman working at the office.

"If it wasn't safe we wouldn't go out." she said "We also teach children from ages 4 to 17 and we wouldn't put anyone at risk, but it's your decision so if you're not comfortable then that's fine."

True, I didn't think they'd be tossing 4-year old kids into the ocean as hors d'oeuvres, but still I couldn't help feeling more than a bit nervous.

Anyway at her suggestion I decided to at least take the first of the lessons and see how I felt. "You can always call me and cancel after that if you don't like it," she said.

It was fine, but I have to say I was tempted to cancel the next three lessons if only because it was completely exhausting. Southern California is experiencing large waves along with strong rip currents at the moment, so San Diego is under a high surf advisory until Sunday night and paddling out to a LOT more effort than usual just to keep the board heading straight into the waves.

And of course my instructor kept me safe and we only practiced in the shallower waters where the surf was strong, but probably no more than 2.5feet high, however I struggled to get to a good standing position and the whole experience was a bit disheartening to be honest, but I got some good tips from my instructor, Ryder, who gave me a lot more feedback than I've received from other instructors and also told me that the surf was challenging even for non-beginners. I'm not sure whether he was just saying that to make me feel better, but it worked, so I'm sticking it out and hopefully things will get easier for my 3rd and 4th lessons on Monday and Tuesday when the surf is potentially a bit calmer.

My 60year old Dad is joining me for today's lesson. This should be interesting!!

Kite surfers enjoying the wind and high surf off Pacific Beach

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