Saturday, 29 October 2011

One Of My Recent Matches. Hmmm!!!


To be honest as someone with a stats background I am more offended by the poor quality of their matching algorithm than anything else. Sigh!!

Perhaps the universe is telling me I should just give up on dating. I think the last prospect I mentioned was Will of the West Village. We exchanged a few emails, discussed meeting up and then....never heard from him again. The men of New York who date online seem to be a thoroughly flaky bunch.

It's a miserable Saturday morning in New York anyway - absolutely pouring with rain, with predictions for a snow storm. It's hard to believe that in the first week of October we were enjoying temperatures in the 70s. The month started off unseasonably warm and is ending unseasonably cold. I hope this is not the last of the beautiful autumn weather we've enjoyed for the two weeks in between.

Between the rain and a poor night's sleep - I was awake between 2am-5am, my mind whirling about all sorts of crap - I've decided to skip the gym for once, maybe I'll do a double class tomorrow, in favour of laundry and other chores. I feel I deserve it after my second Project Fit check in last week went better than expected. I didn't lose any weight to speak of - just 0.2lbs - which is probably a daily fluctuation, but I did lose 1.3lbs of fat. Yay!!


Amel said...

Huhhhh???? Your possible match? I don't wonder why you sighed. Dating is tough...geez...

It's been rainy and gloomy too over here. I can't wait for snow to comeeee ASAPPPP!!!!

YAAAAYYYY on losing 1.3 lbs of fat! Hubby just bought me Wii Zumba with the belt...hoping to get rid of some belly fat with that ha ha...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel,

Yes this was the oddest match yet. Sorry to hear it is gloomy over in Finland. I am bracing myself to head out in the snow in 15minutes.