Saturday, 12 November 2011

So much for the storm being a non-event

I was woken up by the wind howling on the roof of the motel last night - although the guy in the next room snoring like a freight train didn't help - and rain lashing the windows, so it seemed the storm finally arrived.

Today is supposed to be a bit of a wash out so a good day to head up the Huckleberry Cafe on Wilshire, per a recommendation from Megan who is from LA, for a hearty breakfast followed by a few hours in the movies. Unfortunately there isn't much out there that appeals to me, but I'm considering seeing the Ides of March. It's either the movies or shopping and my credit card has taken a battering of late, so I'm trying to steer well clear other than for Christmas gifts. The upside to only having one surf lesson while I'm here is that I've saved myself $250.

Walking alongside Santa Monica beach at 7.30am on Saturday 12th November. I was surprisingly far from alone, lots of joggers and walkers out and about already.


Kitty said...

it's so odd to see Santa Monica overcast. My parents live in that area and it's always terribly sunny every time I go.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

Yes it was overcast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but Sunday and Monday were pretty gorgeous.

I wish my parents lived near Santa Monica ;-)