Saturday, 3 December 2011

I am such a cool aunt

So as an elderly 40 year old I was completely thrilled to receive this email from my way too cool 15 year old nephew today.

"How's the surfing going? I saw a picture the other day of you in your wet suit looking like you know what you're doing. But the water looked cold"
I looked like I know what I am doing?????? I so don't, but I am glad I fake it well ;-)

Sadly despite 60F+ temperatures being forecast for Sunday I am not able to make it out to Rockaway for a surf lesson this weekend. Let me just say the words "woman's week" and leave it at that. Harumph!!

Instead of getting out there in the surf I took a Surf Set Fitness class at Chelsea studios with Megan this afternoon and I have to say it exceeded all expectations, it was amazing and much more cardio intensive than I expected, I loved it and I'm definitely planning to check out classes when they return to New York in January. I noted I had issues with my left arm when it came to the exercises that mimic paddling. I'm not sure if it's as a result of overly tight muscles or something more serious, but I plan to see a medical professional. Now that I have discovered surfing I don't want to have to give it up due to injury.


Amel said...

Looking GREAT (and happy!) on the machineeeeee, babyyyyy!!! :-D You definitely look MUCH younger than 40, btw! :-D You look so fit! :-D

I should go back to my exercise regime as well, but too least today I got to clean up some snow hi hi...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks Amel, you are so sweet. I imagine if you are out shoveling up snow you don't need any more exercise.

Kitty said...

how hilarious, with the surfboards?! haha.
Is that you, Fish? If so, great to see you!
If not, I totally understand, since I'm more comfortable behind the camera, too.


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

Yeah it's weird and admittedly gimmicky, but it was a tough workout. I've signed up for sessions at Chelsea Piers starting in January.

Yup that's me. I used to prefer to keep the blog anonymous, but since I don't have as much time for it these days and I don't make any attempts to get people to read it then I thought what the hell ;-)

Happy Holidays, hope you have a great one.