Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A New Crush

I went out for dinner a couple of Fridays ago with one of the junior account girls that I get along well with, Maria. We went to the meatball shop on Greenwich Avenue which was nice, although not as amazing as I was hoping it would be giving how mad everyone seems to be for their meatballs.  I thought the chicken ones were very good, but the beef ones were quite ordinary and too densely packed with meat for my liking.   We had a very nice evening though and since Maria also lives on the Upper East Side we walked over to Union Square to catch the train together and then walked around the UES for a bit chatting until she had to head off and meet her boyfriend at Pinkberry for frozen yogurt. 
En route to Pinkberry, we passed a guy who gave me a bit of a hard stare.  I nudged Maria and told her that I would have put money on the fact that it was the same guy I'd endured a less than pleasant date with about a year or so earlier.  As a result the conversation turned to general chit chat about dating and out of nowhere Maria blurted "You should date Mike McCormick."

Honestly it was so out of the blue it took my brain a few seconds to work out what she'd said.  Mike McCormick is an Executive Creative Director that was hired by the agency with great fanfare late last year.  "Where did that come from?" I asked

"I have SUCH a crush on him.  You should date him for me.  He's single."  It should be noted that she isn't single and has the cutest boyfriend ever, but boyfriend withstanding she went on to tell me that all the junior account girls have a massive thing for Mike and get really nervous when they have to talk to him about work.

"He barely remembers my name, but he's sooooo....." she mooned

It was with fresh eyes that I looked at Mike McCormick on the following Monday and yup...hot!!  At least that day!!  He's one of those people I go back and forth on dependent on what he's wearing.  He's a silver fox no doubt, about the same age as me - cough almost 42 cough - but about a foot taller and broad shouldered enough to wear a checkered lumberjack style shirt with aplomb.  It makes him look useful, like he could put up shelves that would actually stay up.  I suspect that's probably false advertising given my experience of the average New York man's ability at home improvement type activities, but still he looks the part....sigh!!
I emailed my friend Deesha in Kansas City to tell her about my new potential work distraction to which she responded as follows:
From: Deesha
Sent: 21 May 2013 18:12:20
To: Fish
 I'm all aflutter over MM myself..mmmmm :)

You're right, He looks soo masculine but yet warm/homey. Like a sexy dad (someone else's obviously). 

Totally crush worthy. Is he single for sure?
From:    Fish
Sent:    21 May 2013 18:29:52
To:     Deesha

Ha ha that's hilarious.  He does look like someone who would give you a good hug right?  He's a very solid looking man, strong without being too muscular.  I bet he could give you the kind of hug that would make you feel, for a moment at least, like everything is right with the world.  No pressure Mike, I'm not expecting too much from your hugs ;-)

Apparently he is single.  The reason I know this is because in February - I remember because it was her birthday - I coerced a colleague into letting me buy her a celebratory drink at the wine bar across the street from the office.  When we arrived I noticed a man and a woman sat across from us at the bar  They were sat at a respectable distance from each other initially, but as copious amounts of wine was consumed they became closer and closer and closer.  It was very clear from their body language that they were interested in each other.  I pointed them out to my colleague and told her I recognized the man from the agency and suspected it was Mike McCormick - I'd never worked with him, but I knew OF him given the fanfare around his hiring.  I also knew where this guy sat, so the next morning I checked the name on the office door and yup...Mike McCormick.  A few days later his name came up in conversation at a meeting with account and I relayed the goss that I'd seen him getting very close with a woman I also thought might be from the agency.

Kate: Ooooh tell us more, what did she look like
Me: Quite short, about my height, sort of blonde, mid length hair
Kate: That sounds like Kathryn K, was it her?
Me: I know the name, but I don't know what she looks like. I also don't know what the status of either one of them is, so I don't want to get anyone in trouble
Kate: She's the director of creative talent.  It's okay if it's her, they are both single

Shows me a photo of Kathryn K on Facebook

Me: I think we have a winner

Who knows he could be dating Kathryn now, but let's pretend he's available. I need some positivity after my experiences with Arnold
F x

I'd still take the Creative Cutie over him given the choice, but he's not a bad back up crush and makes coming into work all the more pleasant.  I put on mascara today and flipped out my hair only to discover that Mike McCormick is in the Caribbean this week.  I'm sure he's vacationing with his Nanna ;-)


Amel said...

Oh you always write so well. Makes me feel like I'm reading a novel. Seriously! :-)

Enjoy the new crush then! :-)

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ah Amel, you are soooo sweet. You don't know how happy your comment made me. I am toying with a memoir format for the book I am trying to write which means much of what I post would be fodder for my efforts.

Amel said...

Oh, a memoir format? Fascinating! Are you going to sell it in an e-book version as well? I heard that you can get more that way than selling it in a regular format. :-) You're a witty and fun writer. I enjoy reading your life experiences - even the not-so-nice ones. :-)

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel, thank you, you are so complimentary about my writing, it makes me so happy that you enjoy it.

At first I was going to try and write a fiction book, but I think a memoir is more true to my writing style. I'd definitely plan to sell in an ebook format. I need to research the best ways to reach my audience. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Amel said...

OK, just let me know and I'll help you spread the news once the book is finished. I'll put the link up in FB as well as my main blog. :-D

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Amel I shall be recruiting you as one of my test readers pre-publication :-)

Amel said...

Oh, I'd be HONORED to be one of your test readers! :-D

Kitty said...

oh my gosh, I have so much to catch up on with you!
Please tell me you're stalking this guy. I am intrigued!!

hope you enjoyed this fabulous weekend.
Best, K

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty, sorry for the delay in approving your comment, just back from my European jaunt. I wish I had something more interesting to say re my latest office crush, however our paths don't cross and I am nothing if not terrible when it comes to romance. Truth be told I've given up. If it's meant to happen it will, if not...well I'll just continue focusing on my own projects.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too.