Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Fun with oral surgery

So, no wisdom tooth out for me this morning, as the Oral Surgeon sent me packing....

Oral Surgeon: I thought the last time we were here we discussed in detail how difficult this tooth would be to take out and could potentially cause permanent nerve damage?

Me: I don’t recall discussing it in detail, but yes, you mentioned the possibility of nerve damage, however Dr A tells me it needs to come out

OS: There’s a 20% chance you could be left with permanent nerve damage.

Me: (weakly) 20%?

OS: 15-20% yes. Why did Dr. A tell you it needed to come out?

Me: Oh I don't know. Could you excuse me a second while I just rummage around in my handbag for that medical degree I appear to have forgotten I had and then I’ll be able to give you my highly qualified opinion of exactly why I think Dr A says it needs to come out.

Of course I wasn’t quite so facetious, but WTF!!!! Shouldn’t the two of them be talking to EACH OTHER instead of sending me back and forth with a referral slip? I said as much too, I was feeling belligerent because my nerves were on edge and I was caught in the middle of conflicting medical opinions.

The upshot is that he's told me to wait, at least until my next check up with Dr. A in November, and see if it gives me any more trouble – I had a minor gum infection that’s cleared up now. I’m home working now with radio1 blasting through the internet which is infinitely better than being in the office. Silver linings.

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