Monday, 17 September 2007

Belated Heaps of Thanks

Busy times at work have made me a little remiss in my blogging manners of late, so without further ado I’d like to extend a big thank you to Corey Irwin and Miss Lady Bug for their kind awards.

In the best blogging tradition, I’d like to share the love and pass these awards on to a few of the many fabulously talented bloggers out there…actually I’ll admit I swiped the ‘Rocking Boy Blogger’ award from Corey’s site and I wasn’t actually awarded this one, but I didn’t want my gorgeous boys to not feel the love :-) Pick the ones you like the best. You deserve them all.

Thanks kids!! Group hug everyone?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton fish for the warmth & love :)

It's always a pleasure reading your blog and hearing from you.


Loquacious Curmudgeon said...

I'm feeling the love! And your blog isn't at all shabby; I love reading it.

Take care. I'll be in your area over Xmas holidays suffering along with the parental units. Think of me in NJ!

thewishfulwriter said...

YAY! Thank you!

I gotsta do a post and pass on the blog love too.

You'd be on my list to receive an award, but looks like you've already been blessed with all of them!

I hope you are posting and commenting from your COUCH and not your OFFICE!!

Ha Ha Sound said...

Hey, thanks a lot for this!! Very sweet of you. I'll try to do a little awards thing of my own sometime soon, and pass along the good karma. =+)

And, as always, hope your back feels better.

Jayne said...

Aw, thanks that's so sweet! I'm so glad you like Bitter Women!

I love reading your blog too... keep up the great work!

Amel's Realm said...

GROUP HUG indeed. THANKS, Fish!!!! ;-D I LOVE your blog, too, Funny Lady!!! :-D

fishwithoutbicycle said...

You are welcome guys. Reading your blogs makes my day so much better :-)

Fish x

Flowers On A Friday said...

i feel fuzzy. thank you!!

i'm going to need all the web-warmth i can get....i'm without the internet at my new place...and with no prospect of getting it!
i feel like someone has chopped off a body part....and my lap feels cold, oh so cold.

[sob] [sniff]

fishwithoutbicycle said...

You are welcome Flowers. Glad to help you feel fuzzy during this dark time. I couldn't imagine being without the internet. Shudder. Fish

Agnes Mildew said...

Many thanks for this FWB - it is most appreciated and I have now had the chance to display it in all its glory!

alcoment said...

Thanks so much Fish! I love your blog too and it always makes me smile.

I really need to get my act together and do the blog love thing too! Like you, work (and getting drunk!) sometimes gets in the way.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Agnes, Alcoment, you're very welcome. Enjoy. Fish

Mousie said...

A belated thankyou.

Like you and alcoment, work and getting drunk got in the way. But who am I to argue with the ancient healing powers of wine after a twelve hour shift?

patientanonymous said...

Okay, finally getting around to it if it's going to kill me tonight, pet. It's bloody midnight here but I'm pissed off and frustrated so it's time to do this.

Might take my mind off some things but I doubt it. I'll probably put up a song too? And not sleep?


Not so much to do with landlord...he's just an arse and living situations are as they are. I should have rented the $1100CDN flat. Huge and architecturally, beautifully stunning.

Now I'm just cranky about life in general. And I'm bitching on your blog.

How kind of me?

patientanonymous said...

Unbelievable! WP has "undergone maintenance" and I think I've been booted off and it's swallowed everything I've written...

It's taken an hour to compose the post?