Thursday, 20 November 2008

I don’t know where the time goes

I honestly don’t. I’ve been meaning to update the blog with holiday stuff from Hong Kong, Shanghai et al, but suddenly it’s almost 3weeks since I got back and not a sausage.


To be honest I was very busy doing not an awful lot the first week back in the US since just standing upright was something of a challenge. The flight back from Hong Kong seemed to trigger a bout of jet lag induced insomnia where I was just getting 4 or 5hours of sleep a night and I was pretty much a basket case for a week and a half and then in subsequent weeks I've been busy catching up on all the work I was incapable of doing while the sleepless nights took their toll. Emotionally the insomnia put me at a very low ebb and it didn’t help to discover Gobshite – significant ex of a couple of years ago who chased me for 9months only to dump me rather unpleasantly back in August 2006 - had only bloody gone and got married this past August.



How is THAT fair that the evil, lying shit found someone to marry him before me? I mean...I’m such a catch ;-)


He should be living in emotional purgatory until the end of his days that one.

Bitter?? Unforgiving?? Moi?? Nooooo, of course not ;-)

Hearing of his nuptials just caused a lot of old feelings to come flooding back. Oooh I was so mad. I walked around with a face like a slapped arse for a good week. The news also caused me to take stock of my own life. I think him having such a big change caused me assess what’s changed in my own since we broke up. Let’s see…

- I’m still working at the same company
- I’m still have the same job title
- Pretty much still have the same haircut
- I still live in the same apartment - although for NYC it is a bargain
- I'm still trying to lose that last 5lbs

I have to say I’ve been feeling as if I’ve stagnated of late. The constant flow of depressing news about the economy isn’t helping to lift my mood either. I learned on Friday while drinking wine with someone in the know that mass layoffs are pending in January. The words 'carnage' and 'bloodbath' were mentioned.


Fingers crossed!! These are not fun times eh.

On the plus side I do have an upcoming visit with the lovely Catweazle to look forward to. We haven’t so much as laid eyes on each other for 6months, not since we did our trip to Charleston back in May. It's not for want of trying, but with one thing and another it didn’t happen. However we’re still in regular contact and I’m popping off to Austin to meet up with him for the weekend the Friday after Thanksgiving.

I'm so excited :-) My first visit to Texas too. Tips and recommendations for Austin much appreciated if you have any favourites.

Anyway I shall try my best to post some pics from my HK/Shanghai hols this weekend. I promise!!


Amel's Realm said...

Oh I guess it's pretty much true about the jet lag thingie...since HK and NY is 12 hours apart, so it's 12 days?????

Anyway, sorry to hear about the emotions flooding and everything. Wish you THE BEST about job thingie!!!! But hey, you don't look like you need to lose 5 lbs!!!!

Hopefully the economy gets better and better as time goes by. :-D

I'm HAPPY to hear that you're going to Texas for the first time!!!! Wish you SO MUCH FUN, good weather, and MORE FUN HE HE HE HE HE HE...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel,

I think that the jetlag depends on the person as Melissa was over it in a couple of days. I do occasionally suffer from bouts of insomnia and the jetlag seemed to trigger that.

Thanks for the well wishes. I am really looking forward to my Texas trip :-)

Sister Sassy said...

Aw Fish, buck up little lady. Sounds like a crappy couple of weeks. But yay for Catweazle!

Never know where life will take you, but its all about the journey, not so much the destination. Your journey always seems very interesting and full of great experiences. Enriching friends and fun. Who needs Gobshit.

Blur Ting said...

Don't fret my dear, we go through that stock-taking thing sometimes. We have our ups and downs. And that ex is just missing out on a good catch. You'll have a great time in Austin with Catweasel I am sure. It sounds exciting already.

Britt Walker said...

M-m-m-married? I am sure that pretty soon you will be hearing from him again due to his d-d-d-divorce. ;-)

Spandrel Studios said...

Woo-hoo! A rendez-vous with Catweazle sounds like just the ticket - just don't go changing your hairstyle before the trip! Once I made a similar mistake before a big weekend o' fun, and regretted it horribly...

Keep the Focus on the Fun, Fish! It sounds like you could stand a bit of a diversion, and from what I've heard, Austin is a totally funky, music-oriented town with lots of great bars and talented bands. Enjoy!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Sassy, who needs Gobshite indeed. I think my mind has been far too focused on the negatives recently, but with all the news about recession and layoffs pending it's tough to be chipper, however I am perking up at the thought of a lovely weekend away with Catweazle :-)

Thanks Blur Ting, I'm really looking forward to it and I know what you mean about the stock taking, it's a necessary part of life. Without the downs you can't appreciate the ups.

Hi Britt, thanks so much for making me laugh. When I heard the news about his wedding I said to my friend Melissa, "it sounds bitter and petty, but right now I really hope he ends up divorced" and she responded "I'll drink to that". I think we've all had those horrible men in our lives eh :-) Helps us to appreciate the good ones when they show up.

Hi Spandrel, rest assured I am definitely not going to change my 'do' before my trip. No drastic measures will be taken :-) I am really looking forward to seeing Catweazle in Austin, like you I've heard great things about the place.

Kitty said...

yep. I'm with you.
These little shocks from the outside world can be so...unsettling. Everyone goes through it, mind you. You're not alone.

It's probably good though, in the long run, doncha think? Better than living in one's own bubble.

crossing fingers on the job situation. It is not easy right now. I hear things all the time thru the grapevine.

you ought to take something for the seratonin next time for the jet lag? there are a number of herbal remedies.

have a lovely weekend!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks Kitty, it was unsettling, but I think it's better to have found out on my own terms than to have found out by bumping into him and his new wife while out and about in NYC.

With 17-18 million people in the city on a given day you'd think you couldn't possibly bump into an ex, but the universe seems to make these things happen eh.

As for the insomnia, I've tried the herbal remedies and the Tylenol, Advil PMs et al and I'm pretty resistant to them unfortunately. I need stronger stuff. The only thing I ever found that knocked me out was a prescription for Vicodin when I had my wisdom teeth out. Just 1/2 a pill and I was out like a light. Halcyon days ;-)

Amel's Realm said... Melissa was over it so fast, eh??? Interesting! Sorry to hear about the insomnia!!!

Go, Texas, Go he he he he...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks Amel :-)

Ha Ha Sound said...

Hey, good to hear from you again. I need to take some time and read through the archives... I have no idea who Catweazle is.

Hope you're well!!!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hey Ha Ha, I am well thanks, hope you are too. Catweazle doesn't appear frequently in the archives so don't expend your energy ;-)