Sunday, 9 August 2009

I had the weirdest dream the other night...

Ugh, it was an unsettling one; I dreamed I was in a hospital about to have a baby. I had the world's smallest bump, but was due any day and the nurse said "oh this is going to be a big one, a sixteen pound baby."

Sixteen pounds!!!!!

Good Lord!!

That put the fear of God in me I can tell you. Thankfully my alarm went off before the baby could be born; giving birth to a 16lb baby is not something I need to experience even in my dreams. Shudder!!

I Googled 'pregnancy dream' when I got into work and was relieved to read the following on this site "your dream is a very common one and usually represents a new beginning or a new creation in your life. It is generally very positive and indicates growth in your life!"

Not a prophecy then!! Phew!!!

I'm also rather liking this interpretation on another site which reads "for a woman, this dream forecasts a happy increase in material wealth, but for a man, it is a warning against indiscriminate sex relations."

Nice!! I think I might try my luck with a lottery ticket!!

I've been a bit of a sloth this weekend and due to the joys of woman's week I wasn't really up to getting out and about beyond getting a haircut. My hair was getting a bit long side and I have to say I was starting to look a bit Morticia Addams with such poker straight hair, which put paid to any ideas I was having about growing it long again, so I am back to my short choppy bob and much happier about it. This is the picture I took into show David the hairdresser and for once he did exactly what was on the picture.

I ventured out last weekend due to unexpectedly sunny weather this weekend so on Friday night I emailed my friend Andrew, notorious for not making any plans until the last second, to see if he would be interested in a trip out to PS1's Warm Up in Queens.

Every year MoMA's PS1 invites up and coming architects to enter the competition to design the temporary installation for the former playground. This year MOS architects won with their Afterparty design.
From a distance I find it to have spider-like qualities. It's definitely not among my favourites of the PS1 installations, but I did appreciate the cooling vapors emitting from the chimney looking things. Very refreshing in the summer heat.

Inside the museum the star attraction was Swimming Pool by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich, which I thought was very clever since it looks just like a typical - if rather small - swimming pool, but when you look down you can see people stood underneath it.

Then you go downstairs and under the pool and you can look up and see everyone goggling down at you.

"I could totally see up one of the girls' skirts when we were stood under the pool" said Andrew as we walked back to the ground floor.

Typical man!!

Afterwards we went for a cocktail at Dutch Kills, a lovely little place definitely worth seeking out if you are in Long Island City.


Kitty said...

that's a cool installation (the pool one)

I keep meaning to go to PS1 but never make it out there. The concept of crowds and hot sun stops me in my tracks.

Love the hairdo!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

If you get there at 3 or 4pm it's not too crowded and it's nice to stay for a couple of hours and then head off elsewhere before it gets crazy. It was nice and cool under the installation too, so surprisingly pleasant to hang out in the heat. Definitely worth recommending, although I would say the pool is definitely the best of the exhibits this year.

Marcia Dream said...

A pregnancy or birth in a dream can represent a new project or a change in your life.

However, considering the size of a baby in your dream, I think it means that whatever the new thing is, it is going to require a lot of hard work.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Marcia,

Hard work????? Noooooooo!!! I was hoping for 16lbs worth of windfall or something ;-)

Thanks for stopping by.

pawpads said...

You're back. Fantastic.
Looking forward to catching up with your exploits.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Aww thanks Pawpads. That's so sweet :-)