Thursday, 13 August 2009

Oooooh don't mention alcohol.

Its hangover central in the office today - we had a team drinks thing last night and I did that old chestnut of drinking on an empty stomach!! Oh!! Sadly I have to go to a client team shindig at my account director’s apartment tonight and drink mojitos!!! I was hoping it would be rained off as we were supposed to BBQ on his roof - is it wrong of me to be doing a rain dance in the copy room? No such luck. The worse thing is that I wake up so damn early when I have been drinking. 5:50am this morning. I just want to go home and watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta!! I had Goldfish crackers for dinner at the bar on 83rd and 1st as Debs got out of the cab and said 'shall we go in here for one more'. I had an Amstel Light - showing some sense at least - and she had a Guinness and is not in the office today. You be the judge. We got chatted up by a couple of 23year olds, the Matts from Greenpoint, much to the displeasure of the women who they'd arranged to meet. I think they seriously thought we were moving in on their men. Ahhhh give over.....the kids I babysat for have children older than them!!

It was quite a night and I am amazed I didn't lose the bag I had which had $900 worth of jeans that I had ordered from Anthropologie - can you believe that is only 5 pairs??? They really are shockingly expensive aren’t they? I’m willing to do it for jeans as the cost per wear is low, but I suppose I could save money by shopping at the Gap instead. For some reason I find Anthropologie sell a good number of petite styles online in washes that seem to be more flattering than the ones I’ve seen in Bloomingdales, so I ordered 3 brands - Joe's, AG and Citizens and a number of different sizes. I shall be returning at least 3 pairs, but trying to work out whether I can afford to keep two pairs. I have to say I was really hoping it was Saturday when I rolled out of bed this morning. I walked to work to burn off the residual alcohol that remained in my system. Yup, I'm staying classy!!!

I’m planning a quiet one this weekend, I shall be scouring my apartment - how does it get so messy when I am barely there - and prepping for my trip to San Francisco next week with Sara, making sure all my clothes are clean etc and, like a challenge in the style of Krypton Factor, I shall be working out how to best pack everything into a carry on bag so that I can avoid paying the $15 baggage check fee. $15!!!! I have been giving Sara tips on packing lightly as she is one of those "I'll just pack these snow shoes and this ballgown, because you just never know" type people that packs for every eventuality. Of course I am the geek that makes lists of outfits that mix and match so that I pack as little as possible while still maximizing my usual sartorial splendour. Ahem!!

It's funny I've reconnected with a former colleague recently – Facebook strikes again – who moved to San Francisco 4years ago and is moving back to New York at the end of the month. She is having her SF farewell drinks on the Saturday we are in town at a bar not far from where we are staying in Union Square, so very convenient for us to stop by and have a cheeky one as we head back toward the hotel after dinner at the Slanted Door. When I looked at the online invite I realised two other people I used to work with when I first started here will also be there who I didn’t realise had moved to the west coast.

I am so strangely excited for the SF trip. I am not sure why to be honest as I have been there so often but I have some great recommendations from people I know who lived there. Of course my recommendations are all food related.… Tartine Bakery, Nopa Restaurant, Pizzeria Delfina, Bi-Rite Creamery, Delancey St Restaurant, Mamas for breakfast. Sight seeing is just something I do to burn calories between meals ;-)

My only concern about the SF trip is whether Sara and I will get along as travel buddies as we’ve never travelled together before and I do tend to like to pack a lot in when I am on holiday. My vacations are never exactly what you would call relaxing, but it works for me. Melissa is the same which is why we travel well together, we have a trip to Iceland coming up in October that I am really looking forward to, I can almost feel the water of the Blue Lagoon lapping at my toes!!

Fingers crossed Sara and I get along okay. I keep reminding myself that it’s probably good for me to travel with someone who will force me to slow down a bit.

Wish me luck with the mojitos tonight!!


Kitty said...

oooh. I've become such a lightweight in my old age, lol.

well have fun. Sounds like you're making the most of your summer. You can look back fondly on your antics in February.

SF sounds lovely right now. I bet you'll have gorgeous non-humid weather!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty, I wish I was a bit more of a lightweight, I keep thinking I should stop drinking for a while, but then I can't resist a cold crisp glass of wine when it's on offer ;-)

I am really looking forward to SF and some cooler, less humid weather. NYC is too hot for me right now.

pawpads said...

Hope you enjoyed the Mojitos' and have a great time in SF.
I'm fighting my Mother off at the moment, she's just moved to Chicago and every phone call and email ends with her asking us (the paws family, not you and I) to go and visit her.

Amel's Realm said...

GOOD LUCK with the trip and hope you two get along well. Hubby and I are lazy pigs and we tend to relax a lot during our holidays ha ha ha...and we tend to get up not too early, either (early enough to eat breakfast, though HA HA...)

Anyway, Iceland in October sounds GREAT, though it would be rather cold, wouldn't it?

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks Pawpads. I did enjoy the mojitos and SF, I am just back this morning on the redeye. Sooooo tired. You should take advantage of your mother living in Chicago, it's a lovely city :-)

Hi Amel, Iceland in October is probably going to be around 50F. Not that cold, more like autumn, which is my favourite season :-)

Amel's Realm said...

Only 10'C? Yeah, that sounds great indeed. :-D

spandrel studios said...

Wow! That's quite a haul of denim! But you'll wear them all the time, so the investment in a pair that truly suits you is money well spent.

Anthropologie has become my new weakness, although I try to wait it out for the sales, save for the must-have item that catches my eye every once in a while.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Spandrel,

Yes it was quite a haul, I kept two pairs and dutifully returned 3 of them. I love Anthropologie to bits although I do find it expensive and the quality is sometimes questionable, but the styles are great.

Have a lovely Sunday,