Tuesday, 20 July 2010

California Dreaming!!

Good Lord I am tired this week. I know I say that a lot, but this week seems worse than usual. Of course it doesn't help that I am always in the office so early, largely because if I am taking the subway - as I did this morning, must ween myself off the cabs to work, it's getting costly - I prefer to travel when it's a little less busy between 7am and 7.30am. If I were to leave at 8am or 8.30am I would have to squeeze myself sardine like into the carriage and y'know, that's not quite as appealing as it sounds when you are only 5ft 1 and therefore armpit height to your average six foot bloke. Combine this with the NYC being at the peak of humidity - you only have to walk a block before you feel that horrid trickle down your back - and....well you can understand why I've been taking cabs a lot more often of late.

It's miserable!!

In San Francisco right now it is 54F (13C)!! Sigh...imagine that, that's sweater/jumper wearing weather!! Admittedly it is also 5.25am, however according to weather.com the predicted high today isn't much above that. Bliss!!

Apparently London has been having a bit of a heatwave of late and Miles was telling me that he took advantage of his lunch hour to top up the tan he has from his recent trip to Turkey. He said he was inspired by a fit builder he saw, so it was top off and tits out for a spot of sunbathing in Shoreditch graveyard yesterday.


Well wherever he was I hope he put lots of SPF on his nips, there are some places you just don't need a sunburn!!

So not much news from this weekend. I pretty much collapsed in a heap after my parents flew home on Friday night. I was good for nothing to be honest and all my good intentions to get back to my gym routine went out the window, although I did prise my arse off the sofa to go and see the Inception movie on Sunday morning as I couldn't stand the thought of everyone talking about it at work on Monday - I saw from FB updates that many had seen it. The theater was packed out at 10am!!!! Anyway, I thought it was good, better than average, great to look at, not as overly complicated as the critics made out, but it felt slow in places, especially in that last hour where I needed some excitement to take my mind off the numbness in my arse. Those flip down seats weren't made for watching 2.5hour movies eh? All in all 7.5 out of 10 - 1 point off for the length - anything over 2hours is too long in my opinion - 0.5point for the bit in the story that dragged in the last hour and then I penalised a further 0.5point off for each of my numb buttocks. Perhaps if I'd been more comfortable I'd have scored it 8.5!!

Anyway the others in the department rated it as follows:
J1: 9/10
K: 10/10
T: 8/10
J2: 8.33/10
A: 9.7/10

8.76 overall isn't a bad score eh!!

So as for OKStupid - did I tell you about the bloke I thought was probably a bit off because I found him on another website - he gave me his real name and as I wasn't getting a good feeling about him I did what any self respecting woman with slightly stalkerish tendencies would do and Googled him - indicating he was 40 whereas on OKC (OKS?) he'd put 33?? Well he didn't email me for 2weeks so I figured I was in the clear to just not bother contacting him - I hate doing that; it seems so rude, but it would be ridiculous to put myself in potential harm's way out of a need to be polite - but this week he's popped up twice, the first email was just a one liner which I just ignored and then yesterday he asked if I was free to meet this week!!! I'm not as it happens, so busy, but I'm not sure I want to meet him anyway now that I've uncovered a lie. As I said I feel bad just not responding, but my gut says something is a bit off there!! To be honest I'm losing my interest in the OKC thing already, I'm so busy at the moment that I'm finding it all to be something of a hassle. Emma has been trying to encourage me to continue with it by promising me a bottle of champagne if I made it 6months on the site, but to be honest I'm giving up the booze temporarily - it's not advisable for the unacclimatized to drink in the high altitude areas of Peru (Inca Trail here I come!!), so I was thinking it's probably good to be as fully hydrated as possible so as to hopefully avoid the effects of altitude sickness. I'm also hoping to ween myself off the caffeine although giving up my daily lattes will undoubtedly prove tough. I only have 2 coffees per day, but I feel like I really need them to keep myself going - so I'm not that fussed about a bottle of champers to be honest.

Anyway meetings this morning, so better start earning my crust,

Have a lovely day!!


Kitty said...

hm. Maybe hide your profile on the site for a while, then come back to it? It's definitely no good when you're not into it. My experiences with the dating sites were like that - sort of enthusiastic the first go-around, then less and less.

When are you off to Peru? That's another trip Mark and I would love to take.

I'm not loving this heat either but could never manage getting up that early for the subway, armpit or no!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty, I might do as you suggest and hide my profile, although the one benefit to not really being so into the online dating thing right now is that my expectations are low.

I'm Peru-bound in August, so getting really excited.