Thursday, 22 July 2010

Chris Isaak Sat On Me Last Night

....and put his arm around my shoulder

....and sang to me.

Clearly he fancies me it is only a matter of time until we are wed ;-)

This was of course at last night's concert at the Nokia Theater in Times Square - a pretty nice venue, but the house lights from the stage were a bit brutal on the eyes - which I went to with Melissa. Mr. Isaak did his usual thing - at least I think it's usual since he did it the last time I saw him in concert - of wandering around the audience for a song - "Love Me Tender" - and climbed the short flight of stairs to where we were sitting. I completely expected him to go to the back of the theater, but the next thing I know he was squeezing in between me and Melissa and putting his arm around my shoulder.


Be still my beating heart.

I took my opportunity to cop a feel and put my arm around him too. I mean seriously, how many chances am I going to get to snuggle up to Chris Isaak???

Neither Melissa or I could quite help ourselves from having a good ogle close up since the man looks so damn amazing for his age (54??) from the stage. Admittedly he does look older close up and not quite as attractive as he looks in photos, but I totally still would ;-)

After our close encounter with Mr. Isaak it took a while for my adrenaline to stop pumping after the concert and I had to layer my under eye concealer on with a trowel today, I was so tired. The whole week's been this way to be honest despite my best intentions to get a good night's sleep. Why is it that when I make every effort to be tucked up in bed by 10pm so that I can get a good solid 7plus hours of sleep I end up tossing and turning until 1am???

It's sooooo not good when you get up for work at 6am I can tell you that for nothing!! I'm exhausted!! I'm barely coherent!! After a good 30minutes of irritable thrashing around I got up and went into the living room to watch TV where a cute Canadian biologist type was chatting to Craig Ferguson about bed bugs enjoying traumatic sexual encounters, the impressiveness of moth testes and the ball of worms you can get in your stomach from eating sushi. Cute as he was he put me right off my usual Friday night treat of spicy crunchy salmon rolls!! Pht, thanks for nothing attractive Canadian scientist bloke!!! Maybe that's why I have a bit of a podge of late, perhaps it's nothing to do with all that hearty fried food I scarfed down in New Orleans, perhaps it's the ball of worms!!! Ugh!!

Speaking of food I took my team out for lunch at the Shake Shack today - I don't even want to think about what might be lurking in burgers - a lunchtime treat to thank them for all their hard work as well as a farewell to Tessa, who - along with Alice from Emma's team - has her last day at the Agency tomorrow, before heading off to work for a competitor. It's been a weird and stressful old week to be honest and it's severely tested my recent resolution of sobriety!!

Emma emailed to see if she should send out the invitation for the girls' leaving do and I asked her if she'd mind taking charge since I had a client in town unexpectedly. Now usually the invitations to a send off are somewhat on the verbose side extolling the contribution the departing team member, or members in this case, have made to the Agency and rounding it all off with invitations to raise a toast to the next chapter, however Emma took a somewhat more direct in her approach with an email that simply read "Tessa and Alice are leaving the Agency. Please come by and say good-bye," with the address of a local bar posted beneath.

"Well that email says it all. Very Interesting," said Megan in an email to me later. was certainly brief and to the point.

"Too bitchy?" asked Emma when I said as much to her a little later

"Um....not necessarily, but definitely direct."

I think my nose may have grown a good 6inches when I told her this since it was obvious to anyone on the recipient list that Emma was done with the pair of them. I can't say I blame her in some ways, there's definitely been a decline in the quality of Tessa's, usually excellent, work over the past couple of months and I know Emma has noticed the same thing with Alice. Admittedly the standard of Tessa's work has still been pretty good, but she's been making a good number of basic mistakes lately and it was clear she'd checked out a couple of months ago.

Still overall she's been a positive addition to my team, so had I been aware of the brevity and bluntness of Emma's invite perhaps I would have taken on a little more creative control. Hopefully the lunchtime treat of burgers and shakes went someway towards demonstrating my appreciation for Tessa's contribution.

Totally gratuitous photo!!


Amel said...

Oh yeaaaahhhh about Chris Isaak he he he...but to be honest I never knew about him so I had to Google him up ha ha...

Anyway, sorry to hear about trouble to sleep. If I don't sleep enough, I'll be having a hellish day at work 'coz I have to think in Finnish and I have to talk to people in Finnish. ARRGGGHHH...Hope you'll have better days ahead!

It's nice of you to treat your team for lunch. :-D

Amel said...

Oh forgot to say: have a FAB weekend!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel,

Oooh I cannot imagine having to think and speak another language with only a few hours sleep. At the moment I barely understand English ;-)

Have a lovely weekend!!

Kitty said...

lol. That is incredible!! wow! You must be flattered.

I'm wondering whether melatonin would benefit you? I take a natural sleep supplement because I'm naturally a night owl.

I notice that when I take it around 11 pm that I get sleepy and actually go to sleep at a decent hour. If I procrastinate taking it, I can be up til 2, easily, just pottering away.

Mark is the opposite. He has energy in the morning and then conks out near the end of the day. If you're more the type to start your day slowly, then you're like me. The stress of the day and distraction of night keeps you up.

Hope you get R+R this weekend, Fish!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

To be honest I don't think I was singled out for attention by Mr. Isaak, I imagine the crowd looks pretty generic from the stage, however it was a very nice moment.

Thanks for the recommendation on the sleep aid. I'm naturally a morning person, so my insomnia is kind of weird, but I think the issue is more about quieting the butterflies in my brain. I've tried a few things, like Tylenol PM and Simply Sleep, but the only thing that's ever worked consistently was the prescription I had for Vicodin when I had my wisdom teeth out. I so got why all those celebs get addicted to pain killers. These days I'm trying Valerian Root as a natural remedy. It's not guaranteed, but it's reasonably effective.

Have a great weekend!!

Ruth said...

Some people have all the luck... about being sat on by a cute celebrity, I mean... the insomnia part rather suck, I'm sure. I know = I have it, too. Mine is totally stress induced. I just can't seem to shut my brain off.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hey Ruth, I have the same problem. Have you tried camomile tea with valerian root? It is somewhat effective. Hope you get the rest you need. Fish