Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Folk Remedies

Yesterday morning I had the following IM exchange with my manager after sending him some results he was after for a new business pitch...

9:26:15 AM: Boss: exactly what I need - thank you
9:26:24 AM: Fish: No probs
9:26:26 AM: Boss: BTW you feeling better or still sick?
9:26:29 AM: Fish: Still sick
9:26:38 AM: Boss: Vodka with black pepper
9:26:38 AM: Fish: It's changed now though it's a chesty cough
9:26:42 AM: Fish: ha ha
9:26:52 AM: Fish: I'm going with Mucinex
9:27:00 AM: Boss: we give it to the baby and it works
9:27:15 AM: Fish: whwhwhat, I'm calling social services :-)
9:27:30 AM: Boss: we will give the same to them
9:27:36 AM: Boss: ha ha

Can you tell my boss is of Russian persuasion? What a total cliche he is recommending vodka as a cure. Mind you after going to bed last night suffering as usual with a coughing fit that stopped me from dozing off until after 1am and then waking up at 5.30am this morning I'm almost at a point where I'm willing to try anything. Almost.


Amel said...

Oh dear...vodka? But yeah, I understand what you mean about desperation. SORRY to hear that you're sick. Hope you get well soon. Bugs, bugs, go away...leave the Fish away...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks Amel