Friday, 24 June 2011

It's Just Not Worth It!!

Good Lord, how on earth is it the 23rd June already? I can't believe I have been back to work a week already after my Pacific North West trip. I just bumped into one of my account teams in the caff this afternoon, the first time I've seen them since I got back - well except for Brian, who I undoubtedly made an impression on in a meeting last Friday when I accidentally flashed him during a client call.

Nooooo, not on purpose. I couldn't help it, I reached over the table to get closer to the speaker and then realized that I had a loose scoop necked top on and that in leaning forward I'd probably given him an eye-full. What can I say I am a consummate professional who knows how to get ahead ha ha!! Anyway I bumped into the other 8 of them today and they were all "how was your trip?" and I was all "what trip?" It's already like a dim and distant memory. Thankfully I have a trip to LA and Vegas coming up in 5 weeks which is the trip I've been planning to squeeze into the bikini for, although after spending 10 days eating and drinking my way around the Pacific NW I've also invested in a couple of one piece swim suits as back up. Actually if the scales are to be believed I didn't put on so much as a lb, but things are definitely jiggling about much more than I like, so now I am back on a healthy eating kick and my return was perfectly timed so as to be vulnerable enough about my weight to be coerced into joining the office "Wellness Challenge" by 4 colleagues, a 10week health and nutrition event where 25 or so teams of 5 employees compete for...well I'm not sure what, there may be prizes, but it could well be just bragging rights. Anyway the upshot of this is that we have to log our health and exercise habits on a weekly basis, did we eat 3 servings of vegetables per day, did we eat 3 servings of fruit, did we take the stairs instead of the lift, did we use sunscreen every day, how much cardio, weight training, walking did we do etc. Anyway it's all pretty standard stuff and nothing I don't do on a regular basis with a couple of exceptions, the first being not drinking more than 1 alcoholic drink per night for the entire week.

The entire week!!!

Meaning you are not supposed to be teetotal during the week and then drink your entire booze allowance on a Friday and Saturday night, so that you average out at 1 drink/night, it's one drink per night or nothing, so all of us - except Kanayo who only has the tolerance for half a beer a week - are failing that one.

The second criteria that I am personally failing on, although I think a lot of my competition will not track this properly and just assume they did it, is to eat 25g of fiber per day - 38g for a guy, poor Tom - which I decided to try with the whole bikini thing in mind, because fiber helps you lose weight apparently plus I eat so much fruit and veg that I thought I'd achieve this without too many problems, but when I started tracking my meals on a few days ago I discovered on the first day that I only ate a paltry 6g of fiber - admittedly not the best day for me, well it was the first day of woman's week and I was craving carbs. After that I started to look at fiber rich foods - like raspberries which have 8g in a cup - to try and boost my consumption, but even then I've only been able to increase that to around 14g per day over the last 3 days so still a long way off the 25g goal, but I don't mind telling you I am not in the least bit thrilled about the side effects that began today. Talk about loud involuntary farts.

Good Lord, I do beg your pardon!!

Fortunately the first - and only - one of these occurred when I was in the ladies bathroom - two other cubicles were occupied and I was so mortified to have company that I waited for both occupants to leave and lifted my feet should I later be recognized as the culprit by my cute summer sandals. I've received a LOT of compliments on them so I know they are distinctive enough to identify the wearer - so at least I was in the right place, but my stomach rumbled alarmingly for the rest of the day and I noticed it was disturbingly bloated when I caught myself sideways on in my Pilates class, so much for flattening my transverse abdominus. Ugh, so not good, especially as I am actively trying to date at the moment too - bizarrely after having turned 40 on my vacation I returned to be bombarded with requests for dates by men in their late 20s. Who knew? - not unless I meet someone with a fetish for flatulence anyway!!

I'm starting my low fiber diet tomorrow!! ;-)

P.S. Vacation posts still to come, it's been a hectic week of insomnia and client deadlines...oh and fiber of course.


Kitty said...

HA! omg, this post made me laugh out loud.

You're so good to be eating well and exercising. I have committed myself back to the gym today, after having an annual exam with my pcp. She told me what I weighed when I first started seeing her, years ago. I wanted to respond with 'are you calling me fat?!' but thanked her instead. I know her intentions are good. ;-)

The multiple stall bathrooms are awfully intimate, too intimate among work mates you see every day. We only have single toilet rooms at my office, which is a saving thing. What on earth do you do in an emergency?!

also, congrats on the dating young uns! how fun?! any contenders????

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty, glad I made you smile with my post. I've actually stuck with increasing the fiber intake and found that Gnu bars (12g fiber) have less embarrassing side effects :-)

I hear you on the weight gain. I think age does that to you too, since although I am within the ideal range for my age and my body fat is at 30% too I am still 10lbs heavier than I was 6-years ago, so I try not to go by the scale too much, but on how my pants fit.

Not much joy with the young 'uns to be honest, I find they are as flaky about men my own age. One asked me to go out last Sunday and then postponed. On Friday he emailed and asked if I would be free to meet up this Sunday instead, I said I was...and never heard from him again!! Pht!! Next!!

Amel said...

Oh my goodness...I can't believe you have so much trouble with farts due to that. I also fart a lot and I can't stand it when I have gas in my stomach - it's too painful if you don't let it go. And I understand how embarrassing it is to fart somewhere near other people.

Ouch...sorry to hear about the young guy who was also as flaky as guys you are.

Cheers to being 40 (40 is the new 30)!!! HE HE HE HE HE HE...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel,

Apparently the type of fiber you eat affects everyone differently so I think you have to try a bunch of things to get the right mix, chick peas are my nemesis :-) Thankfully the problem has abated somewhat now and I am hoping that my system will acclimatize to the increased intake and it will stop completely. She says hopefully :-)