Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Musical Interlude - Foster The People

Unfortunately owing to a horrendous bout of insomnia I've had to disrupt my plan to complete blog postings re: my Pacific North West trip as I am all tapped out this week. It's been over a week now since I have had more than 5 hours of sleep and to be honest I am a complete basket case, so despite the best of intentions to eat extremely healthily for the next 4-5 weeks - seriously I've been so healthy this past week you'd vomit if I told you exactly how healthy I've been - I've found myself resorting to my old friend Chardonnay to knock me out tonight.

It's ironic really as I feel pretty amazing other than the sleep thing and have enormous amounts of energy - I'm like my sister's Border Collie, Skye, who is impossible to wear out, it must be all the fiber - so the last thing I wanted was alcohol, but the insomnia is taking an emotional toll and small things are taking on a bigger significance than they have any right to. To be honest I have to wonder if that excess of energy I'm experiencing is contributing to my restlessness at night since it's not as if I have a lot on my mind, but I just can't seem to sleep, it's like I am on the wrong time zone.

Anyway we have a 3 day weekend coming up in the US for the 4th July holiday, so hopefully I will find time to rest and recharge and post about my trip, but in the meantime please enjoy Foster The People.


Kitty said...

Oh dear, Fish. I hope you can get some rest.
Have you tried herbal supplements for your sleep? I am pretty sure it helps. Or can you ask for something from your doctor?

Btw I've started going to the gym and it's fantastic! Hooray! reading about your going to the gym has inspired me, as well as a visit to the the doctor who said I had to get back on the wagon. ha. My goal is to get back to what I weighed before I met Mark, about 15 lbs ago.

Finally, there's a great article in the current New Yorker about internet dating. A lot of it is about OK Cupid. You can read about it here

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

I have tried valerian root which works sporadically, but is not guaranteed however I am loathe to take prescription drugs, although am I really doing myself any favors by drinking wine - however I would argue that wine is much more enjoyable in the moment. I suspect I just have one of those personalities that is somewhat highly strung. From an early age (<10yrs) I remember thinking "what do I have to worry about?" and when the answer was nothing I thought "am I missing something?" so maybe I am stressing about my lack of stress!! Ugh how awful is that, although on the plus side I do think my stress contributes to a speedier metabolism.

Glad to hear you are loving the gym, I adore it, the only thing that worries me is how freaked out I feel if I miss a class. Seriously I am a little too obsessed I think, but I suppose it's a healthy obsession. I definitely recommend the chocolate brownie Gnu bars if you can stomach the 12g of fiber, I really do believe that fiber is a miracle worker after a week of upping my intake as my tummy - my problem area - is relatively flat.

Thanks for the dating article I shall take a closer look. I skim read it and to be honest as a statistical analyst I create mathematical models that try to predict characteristics of my client customers, but I am well aware of the anomalies of such techniques. For example OK Cupid describes me as "less mathematical than average" but um hello, I have a BSc (Hons) degree in mathematics which I am certain is NOT the norm!!