Friday, 14 October 2011

All The Fun Of A Blocked Toilet!!

1am on a Friday morning and I get up to use the loo and what do I see...water pouring out of the toilet and across the bathroom floor!!


Ugh, clearly my father's help was not an option what with him being 3000 miles away and all and Megan wasn't around to advise being out at a karaoke* with some colleagues so I set to work with my trusty funnel cup plunger. I suspect I only have myself to blame for the incident as earlier I'd snuffed out a large spider with the aid of two large pieces of kitchen roll and flushed the lot away and well...isn't kitchen roll bad for the loo being highly absorbent and all? I wasn't taken any chances with the spider though, I didn't want to put it in the rubbish bin and have it creep back out to seek revenge Death Wish style - shudder!! - so I like to make doubly sure they are dead by sending them to a watery grave and the system just couldn't cope with my super absorbent high quality Brawny kitchen paper!!

Anyway after about 50 plunges and...nope, still not clearing and oh great....the bowl is still filling the water.

I consulted a bunch of videos online - YouTube is the best eh, you can find out how to practically anything!!! - I set about attacking the loo with an unfurled wire coat hanger.

No joy!!


Since the bowl kept filling at a fairly rapid rate and I couldn't locate the 'flapper' to close it and stop it I had visions of having to stay up all night and periodically remove water from the bowl until such time it was appropriate to call the landlord and request the presence of a plumber.

More online research later and I discovered a handy tip from The Art Of Manliness - the art of modern womanliness more like - which is to pour a few cups of hot water in the bowl along with a squirt of dish soap and let it sit for a few minutes and then use a funnel cup plunger -
apparently when I purchased a plunger from the hardware store this is the very variety I bought and supposedly it's a good one. A complete fluke!! - and...

...plunge away

What do you know, it did the trick. Success!! And this with the added hindrance of a massive zit on my face**.

Who knew dish soap would be so effective????


The thrill of successfully averting disaster is flowing through my veins, although would I have preferred to have a boyfriend help me out on this occasion? You bet your arse I would. I'm old fashioned that way.

Anyway after all that excitement I'm off back to bed.

*Karaoke!!! What's that about? I just don't get the appeal.

**Seriously it's like a boil or something, it's hideous. I attacked it with a coating of Borghese mud mask which usually does the trick, but it's stubbornly resisting. For once I am hoping like hell not to run into either the contractor or creative hottie while going about my daily business at the office.

Update: Woke up this morning and no sign of Megan. Uh-oh!! Do I need to be worried that she didn't come home last night. Fingers crossed she'll show up at the office, if not I'll freak and I really don't need any more excitement after last night.


Amel said...

Oh dear...I got panicked myself as I was reading through your post. GLAD to know the trick was successful. Phew!!!!

Hope the zit goes away ASAP!!!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks Amel. Happy Friday!!