Friday, 25 May 2012

Oh UPS, how I despise thee!!

See anything wrong with this picture?  For one thing it's not a photo of my newly purchased surfboard so that's definitely one thing that's wrong with it, instead it's the tracking details for my newly purchased surfboard that I stayed home all day to wait for.

UPS, why oh why oh why oh...etc would you have a representative call me yesterday to schedule an appointment to deliver my surfboard between 9am and 3pm today and specifically ask if someone would be in to receive the delivery, when you knew full well that was never going to work out given the location of the truck - and please don't tell me you don't track the truck, because we all know that you do.  Seriously the fricking truck didn't arrive in NJ until 5.45pm this evening, so why schedule the delivery for earlier in the day. Even now, at 7pm, the tracking still indicates that delivery will be made today.  Hmmmm!!  Somehow I doubt it.  Are you expecting me to wait in all day tomorrow too, because I can't do that I have plans, and I can't just take time off work willy nilly to wait around for you.


The last time I had to wait in for a delivery from UPS the guy stuck an attempted delivery notice on the front door of the building and didn't even ring the bell.  I was sat upstairs waiting like a big eejit!!  Ugh, I hate UPS!!

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Amel said...

Aw...SORRY to hear about this, after all the waiting and nobody ringing the bell. Geez...anyway, I've never used UPS so I don't know how it's like...hope everything works out well in the end.

Off to bed now. Oh, I'd love to have that deer pic sent to amelfinland at yahoo dot com, THANKS A LOT!!! :-D