Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tales in over-reacting: About ready to take a hostage...

...Most likely a high ranking employee of UPS or the MTA after yesterday's shit-show regarding my surf board delivery and then this morning the MTA thwarted my attempts to get out to Rockaway and take a 9am surf lesson.  Grrrrrr!!!!  This is despite checking the MTA's own website for service advisories...all fine there, the A train was running to Beach 67th Street without a hitch, a slight issue with the 4 train only running as far as Brooklyn Bridge meant I wouldn't be able to connect directly to the A at Fulton St, but no probs there, I could easily walk from the Brooklyn Bridge station to Fulton St station around the corner and catch the A.  Easy peasy!!

Hmmmm but not so fast little fishie, the MTA has other plans for you, like blocking every f**king entrance to Fulton Street station with construction tape so that I couldn't gain access to the fricking A train.  I wandered around the warren of streets in the Financial District looking for an available entrance to access the A train.  Given the website didn't show any problems there must have been some way to get in, but nope, zip, nada, nothing.  I even asked a cop - silver linings he was a helpful and attractive cop who didn't look as though his main food group was donuts - but he just scratched his head and frowned.  Seriously, would it kill the MTA to put up a few signs, or write something on their website that informed riders that access to Fulton St station was suboptimal?

I huffed and puffed my way up to the A train stop before Fulton St at at Chambers St, but by the time I got there I knew I was looking at arriving in Rockaway at close to 10am and would lose an hour of my lesson.  There's nothing I love more than getting up at 6.30am on a Saturday to get out to Rockaway for 9am only for the MTA to f**k it up.  Grrrrrr!!  I texted surf school owner Frank and managed to rearrange my lesson for tomorrow at 9am* instead, so all is not lost.  Fingers crossed the conditions will be decent.

I appreciate that in the scheme of things I have a first world person problems, but I was irritated all the same.  I flopped on the couch when I got back to my apartment and watched Brad Pitt kill some Nazis in Inglorious Basterds.  I felt a lot better after that!!

See!!! Nothing to indicate that there will be problems catching a train at Fulton St.  They lie!!  Bastards!!

*I shall know better tomorrow, I'll take the cross-town bus and catch the A from Columbus Circle.

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Amel said...

Oh noooooo!!!!! That's annoying indeed. :-( Hope tomorrow is a better day then!