Sunday, 23 September 2012

Blasts from the past

I'm having one of those weeks/months where faces from my past just keep popping up.  First the Creative Cutie at the NYSFF, then Rob - a guy I met on OkCupid that I dated for 3-months during the first half of this year, but whom I haven't seen since May - sent me a second text to see if I wanted to grab a drink - what's that about? - and now Patricia, a Pilates instructor whose classes I used to love, but who had to stop teaching the majority of her evening classes due to the extortionate cost of childcare and now only teaches apparatus classes on Tuesday evenings.  She's a great instructor who has trained a lot of the Pilates instructors in New York, so having her as an instructor was a real coup.

I ran into her this morning as I was leaving the gym on 91st St after a 9am Pilates class.  It was a real surprise to see her as she teaches in midtown and lives in the East Village, so the Upper East Side is the last place I'd expect to run into her.  It was a funny coincidence as the 9am instructor - who is amazing - had just informed us that she is moving to Hong Kong at the end of October and so will only be around for the next few weeks.  I was hopeful that Patricia might be there to talk to the current instructor about taking over her classes, but I think it was just a coincidence.

I wonder who I'll run into next, or maybe like trouble, faces from the past only come in threes!!


Amel said...

Life can be really funny sometimes, eh? I haven't met anyone much lately 'coz I've been cooping up at home he he...actually due to my work and the fact that I live in a small village, sometimes after meeting so many customers (I'm not a people person), I want to hide inside my house 'coz whenever I go out, I meet familiar faces of customers and I just have to be friendly to them (even when I don't feel like it) he he he...

Dang I got sidetracked...but anyway, hope you won't meet trouble!!! Instead you'll meet a nice friend whom you want to catch up with. :-)

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel, I hear you on not being a people person. I saw someone I sort of know in passing from my last job on the subway last night and I'll admit I pretended to be absorbed in my book. I just wanted a quiet train ride home and I am sure they probably felt the same way.

Hope you are having a good week.

Anonymous said...

I think you're reading too much into the replies often/selectively/very selectively thing.

I don't understand why you interpret it to mean that people are replying based on how photogenic they are in their profile photo!

From what I've heard others say and from my own experiences people don't reply because they don't think there'd be a match.

Mine says I reply selectively and it's because I don't reply to a girl if I don't have a reason to. If they've put a blanket message that doesn't give any indication that they've read my profile, then I'll assume they haven't and they are just mailing everyone the same message to get responses.

If their profile is empty or doesn't provide any useful information about themselves then I won't reply, and the same goes if I know it's pretty unlikely that we'll get along.

If someone's put off by what that status says, then it really doesn't bother me. If someone refuses to write because they fear I might not write back then that shows some severe lack of self confidence and I wouldn't have much interest in them anyway.

If I think I'm going to get on with someone, then I'll message them whatever that status says and I haven't noticed any difference in reply rate.

If someone receives a message from you and they think it's worth replying, then they're going to no matter how they respond to others.

I think too many people that use online dating have boring profiles full of the usual clichés that don't differentiate them from everyone else. They send arbitary messages and wonder why they don't get replies!

If I wanted to use blind luck to chat to girls, I'd chat to people in bars. The whole point of online dating is that you have a little bit of information before you talk to someone.