Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Love love love!!!!

As usual, I've been meaning to post, but somehow 9 days gone by since my last update and now I am sick with a cold.


Even my hair hurts!!

There's nothing much to report anyway, it's all been work and getting stuff sorted for my upcoming trip to Belize.  There's also nothing much to report re my return visit to OkCupid, I haven't heard a peep out of the IT/Sculptor guy for a while, I imagine he's on that European vacation he mentioned, so maybe I will hear from him when he is back, although I suspect not.  Previous experience has primed me for disappointment where dating is concerned.  I did exchange a few emails with one guy who seemed normal, but then we had the following exchange:

Him: What neighborhood do you live in? I live in Park Slope and I've been trying to limit my dating to my zipcode. I've learned that dating someone more than 1 subway stop away is almost like a long distance relationship. But how many beautiful women am I going to meet that surf Rockaway in the middle of the winter?  
Me: Based on your one subway stop criteria we are practically on different continents since I'm in uptown Manhattan. 
Him: Oh, man. You live upstate. That's a bummer.

Talk about restricting your dating pool.  I never bothered responding to him since the rest of his emails did not give me the impression he was joking and a man who only dates within his own zip code is not a man worth bothering with.

Since posting about my blasts from the past last week I've had two more sightings, both en route from the office, once in Union Square station and once in the subway at 14th St.  Both were former work colleagues this time - much less exciting than the Creative Cutie - and on both occasions I pretended to be absorbed in my book.  I'd had a tough day, I wasn't up for small talk and I suspect neither of these guys were either, but still 2012 is turning out to be a bumper year for encountering acquaintances. 

"What if you start tracking these encounters (person, date, location, connection) in an excel. just as a random project. Give it some time and lets see what comes out," emailed Deesha.

An Excel spreadsheet??  Once an analyst, always an analyst eh Deesha?

I went one step further and plotted my encounters on a map.  Geeky?  Moi?

Running into people I know: March - October 2012

It seems that a lot of people I know REALLY like hanging out in Chelsea.  Of the 12 people I've run into 8 of them were in that area, but only 2 of them live in the neighborhood, the rest were just passing through for some reason or another.

Anyway I'm exhausted, so I'll love you and leave you with this gorgeous song by Alt-J, which is accompanied by an equally gorgeous video.

ALT J - Something Good from BREWER on Vimeo.


Amel said...

Owwww...I sympathize 'coz I've just recovered from a 2-week flu (still some coughing). REST A LOT and get well soon!

The map you made is REALLY interesting. :-D

I'm listening to the song you attached. Never heard it before he he...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel,

Glad to hear you are over the flu and glad you like the map ;-)

I love that song I attached to the post, I can't stop playing it!!