Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Okay, I’ll admit the title of this post is sooooooo lame, unfortunately I can’t do any better I’m overworked and lacking inspiration. Nine days to my hols and counting!! Whoo hoo!!!

So, a happy Halloween to you, I hope, unlike me, you’re going to do something fun tonight. I've been debating the merits of stopping by the
Halloween parade in the village this evening, but quite frankly I don’t think I can be arsed. I’ve not been sleeping well this week so I’m in too crabby a mood to deal with the crowds, however if you are ever in New York on Halloween and of a sunnier disposition than I am at this moment then I definitely recommend stopping by to see it, it's a great parade. In fact, even better, you could join in, since this particular parade, unlike most of the others in the city, is a free for all. Absolutely ANYONE can join in as long as they’re in costume; you just have to turn up at the staging area at 6th Ave. and Spring St between 6.30pm and 8pm and as long as you’re all gussied up you’re in.

I did it myself a few years back; I joined a friend and a gaggle of her friends as a 1960s Tom Jones groupie – a very easy costume, mini dress, boots, big hair and Dusty Springfield style make up. We screamed and danced along in the parade behind ‘Tom’ – the husband of one of the women who was the spit of the Welsh singing sensation – throwing our knickers at him – we each had multiple pairs of lacy ones attached by elastic to our wrists - as he lip synched to Tom’s hits in his best Tom Jones costume - tight black trousers, shirt open to his navel and a glistening gold medallion resplendent on a rug of fake chest hair. He had the groin thrusting down pat. It was a very fun night and I’d say that if you can actually get your act together to be in the parade, it’s a much better way to enjoy the festivities since you don’t have to deal with the jostling crowds of spectators.

Of course festivities aren’t just restricted to the parade; there’ll be people in fancy dress all over town this evening and there were a lot interestingly dressed people on the subway this morning, many looking like they were half in costume already. I was trying to work out whether the woman next to me – in vivid orange skirt and matching tights – was making a fashion statement, or whether her outfit formed the basis of some pumpkin themed costume she’d be wearing later on. Whatever the reason it was an outfit that was a tad too bright for my bleary sleep deprived eyes at 7.30am in the morning. I also heard on the radio that dressing as Amy Winehouse is expected to be a popular choice this year - it was all about pirates last year - so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for beehives on the way home. In the meantime i've nabbed some pics of Halloween 2006 from NewYorkDailyPhoto - a blog I love to bits - for your viewing pleasure. If you are interested in seeing more photos I highly recommend checking out NYDP's Flickr site here. It's fab!! Have a good one!!


Emmy said...


Ha Ha Sound said...

Ah, I was kind of hoping that the woman on the bottom right of the picture cube was a friend of yours. =+)

Like you, I won't be attending the parade. I've done it a bunch of time. I always think it's fun to go trick or treating with nephews and nieces, even if that isn't really possible in NYC.

Anyway, have fun whatever you end up doing!!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hey Emmy, happy Halloween to you too :-)

Ha Ha, too bad for you she's not a single pal of mine. I'm sure there'll be lots of other scantily clad women for you to feast your eyes on tonight. It's that kind of holiday :-)

Amel said...

WOW...interesting costumes. Happy Halloween!!! ;-D

So you joined the parade once? COOL!!!! ;-D

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel, some New Yorkers really go to town on their Halloween costumes. Hope you had a good one. Fish

Anonymous said...


Amel said...

HE HE HE...there's no Halloween celebration here in Finland. I've never seen one either in Indonesia, so it's gonna be something new if I ever see one. ;-D

Valley Girl said...

What is that guy doing on the ground? Is he a leaf?

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hey Valley Girl, I think he is a leaf, an autumn leaf that's fallen off the tree, either that or he's been drinking :-)