Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Just briefly....the morning after

This email from a colleague just gave me a laugh this morning...

To: fishwithoutbicycle@gmail.com
From: ****************
Subject: Official st paddies day score

Guinness: 1 Me: 0

I'm sure the escapades will be on facebook by lunchtime!!
I think there was a foam shamrock involved...


I'm guessing someone might be a tad late into the office today hee hee!!


Ha Ha Sound said...

I'm like you: not a fan of St. Patrick's Day. The only thing I did to celebrate was to take a camera phone pic of the drunkards outside of McSorley's on my way home yesterday.

I'm going to check out that Duffy video when I get home, though.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hey Ha Ha, hopefully you'll post those photos, they should be good for a laugh :-)

There were still a lot of drunken parade people in my neighbourhood when I was heading home last night. It looked like the UES got a little messy.

Duffy was great. Marvellous stage presence, amazing hair :-)

BritGal' Sarah said...

LOL sounds like a few of my ex work colleagues back in boozy Britland!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Sarah, unsurprisingly this colleague is a fellow Brit. Shockingly she made it in for 9.30am. She was feeling a bit rough today though :-)

Flowers said...

guiness! ahhh what i wouldn't give for a guiness or even a pint of real ale (i'm not an old man!).

i've never been a lager drinker so unfortunately europe just doesn't cut it in the pint area. shame.

i wish we could celebrate st. george's today. it seems a shame that we don't.

Kitty said...

I was going to say, one guinness and your coworker is down? But now I see she meant the score is 1-0. Aha.

Those Guinness's are stealthy buggers. They go down real smooth and easy and then all of a sudden you stand up and it's all over.

Too many calories!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

No Guinness in Poland Flowers? Sorry to hear that. Yes, it is a shame we don't celebrate St George's Day. Anything for a day off work ;-)

Hi Kitty, it was definitely more than one Guinness. I think she said she had nine!! Nine!! Phew. Amazingly she was in work by 9.30am and fairly high functioning ;-)