Monday, 24 March 2008

Soooo very sleepy

Not much blogging going on by me recently as quite frankly nothing much is happening in my life that’s worth sharing, not unless you want to hear all about Saturday’s pursuit around Manhattan for toeless hosiery – such bizarre looking leg wear and not exactly comfortable either, but you have to make sacrifices to look good - to wear with my lovely peep toe heels to Ash’s wedding this coming Friday evening?


I can’t say I blame you.

So, I hope you had a Happy Easter if you’re of that persuasion, if not, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Easter kind of passes me by a bit in the US since we don’t get Friday and Monday as a bank holiday like in the UK, so I always forget it’s a ‘holiday’. A public holiday is only significant to me if I get time off work to celebrate, I'll celebrate anything if you give me a day off work, I'm tarty that way, but if not, forget it, I'll barely acknowledge it.

Even the religious significance of Easter is, for the most part, completely lost on me since I’m a thoroughly lapsed Catholic, so the notion of going to church doesn’t even enter my head. Still, Easter Sunday was very nice; I had a long leisurely brunch with my friend Andrew at Chat Noir on E 66th St. The restaurant was nice if not really my scene, it was a bit on the stuffy side with wealthy, older Upper East Side types making up a significant number of the clientele, but it’s good to have a change from time to time and one of the hosts – a tall, lean dark haired blue eyed French man – was marvellous eye candy. I may well return to gaze upon him ;-)

Anyway I’m going to keep this post brief as I am extremely tired. I’ve been suffering with a touch of insomnia recently and I’m having a hard time focusing at work. I’m going to stop by the chemist tonight and get some Tylenol PM or something and see if that helps as I have a new client in for a full day meeting tomorrow, so I need to get a good night’s sleep, so that I can impress him with my intellect instead of falling face first into my lunch due to sleep deprivation.

Tonight, I shall be pulling out all the stops, leisurely bath with relaxing lavender aromatherapy bubble bath replete with a small glass of wine, Tylenol PM and maybe even a turkey dinner to increase my levels of snooze inducing L-tryptophan, although maybe it’s wise to have that with the Tylenol after my soak in the tub so that I don’t fall asleep in the bath and accidentally drown myself. That wouldn’t be a good move.

Sleep well!!


Sister Sassy said...

Fish, I've had luck with Sleepy Time Tea (until I had kids-now they just tire me out).

I also listen to the BBC on NPR at night if I can't sleep. Cricket scores put me right out. ;)

Why not get Sandle toe nylons, wouldn't that work?

SEE! I'm interested in your legwear.

patientanonymous said...

Oh, no! Please don't drown. Even though you are fish! Okay, that isn't even remotely funny, is it?

I have to watch my turkey intake. I think the Tryptophan hurts little PAs tummy.

I believe you know my overwhelming "passion" for Gravol? Maybe you could give that a shot?

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Sassy, hmmm, maybe I should have children ha ha!! I might try the tea. I have volunteers to go for a glass of wine come 5.30pm tonight. There are a lot of worn out people who worked the weekend in the office today who are in need of a beverage.

I think I may have got sandle toe nylons. I got these toeless things by Hue in Macy's. It was a pain in the arse though, they had them, but only in large sizes. I traipsed around Bloomies and various small lingerie/hosiery stores before finally getting the last couple of pairs in my size from Macys.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi PA, my tub is far too shallow to drown in. It's one of those tiny hotel style baths.

Is Gravol prescription? The best sleep inducing drug I ever had was Vicodin after I had my wisdom teeth out. My God that's good stuff.

Kitty said...

sounds like a lovely evening!!!

I'm in the same boat. Not much to really say. Some complaints, but why post complaints? Other than that, nothing. :-/

Sometimes the mundane days are good, though. One needs it, doesn't one.

Blur Ting said...

Oh, I always wonder if they have toe nylons. So it exists! We don't wear nylons here cos our weather's too hot.

Hope you get a nice sleep tonight. Insomnia really sucks.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty, yeah I have to wait until inspiration strikes to post and's a slow week :-) I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Hi Blur Ting, thanks for the good wishes. I did sleep well last night, so I feel heaps better today. Hopefully I can maintain it :-)

Flowers said...

well, as a fellow sufferer of sleep problems i would definitely recommend the following:

magnesium tablets (the poles swear by them for reducing's more about relaxation though).

rerunning your absolutely favourite film in your head. it's something to do with avoiding the creative process as this creative process can wake you up a bit.

what else...ummmm...i'll get back to you.

hope the meeting went well :)

patientanonymous said...

Nope, Gravol is OTC. Just pick it up at your local pharmacy. It's an anti-nauseant. Some people use it for plane travel or whatever. I use it for my migraines when I'm at home and I have another tummy drug (script) that doesn't knock you out for day ones when I'm nauseous.

Still, cheap and easy solution for sleep? You can even buy the generic (Dimenhydrinate) if you really want to go the cheap route! It's the same stuff...probably called the "store brand" or something?

But the generic, I bought 30 50mg tabs for around $6CDN! I take 100mg and I am in complete bliss for a while and then nighty night! Well, for a bit. I still need my Seroquel.

Mike S said...

I learned early in my days in Japan that hot water and drink/pills don't mix. I had a 'couple' bottles of beer before going to the 'bath house'. It took both Mama-san & her son to 'assist' my relaxed self from the tub. Talk about a cheap drunk.
I do find a stiff glass of good single malt puts my insomniac-prone old body out very well.

Karen ^..^ said...

After reading all of your comments, I am very glad that you finally got some sleep. I know what insomnia is like, and it is no fun at all. You simply cannot focus at work, everything seems to be much more difficult than it is, and sandpaper eyelids are acutely uncomfortable.

Hope it stays good for you. Start your wind down early, dim the lights, and put on soft music or some very boring political program. That ought to do it. I sometimes want to resort to a mallet to the head... but only when I've been staring at the clock from 11pm till 3am, with no sleep at all. I dont recommend that for anyone else, though.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Flowers, thanks for the tip on magnesium tablets. I will have to check those out. Thanks for the well wishes about the meeting, it went well. Clients have low expectations when you are new to the team. It's all uphill from here on in :-)

Hi PA, I shall have to check on those Gravol tablets. I've never heard of it before.

Hi Mike, that's a funny story. I didn't have the bath in the end, the wine I had made me feel snoozy enough :-)

Hi Karen, sorry to hear you are a fellow sufferer of insomnia. I seem to have random bouts of it and it's no fun whatsoever. Sleep well.

sid said...

We could leave work early the Thursaday before easter and come into work late on the Tuesday, the day after easter!!!!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Nice one Sid. Hope you enjoyed your time off :-) I miss not having the long Easter weekend off in the US.

Amel's Realm said...

How was the meeting with the client? Hope you had enough rest the night before. :-))))

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel, the meeting went well thanks. Luckily, as I am new to the team, they have low expectations of me, but that will all change now ;-)