Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Rebuttal Too Good Not To Share

I love this from Ellen Degeneres.  I wonder what the female executives at Bic thought when the idea of pens for women was first floated.  I mean seriously how did this product ever make it to market, you really would have thought that someone in the company would have said "hang on a minute..."  Apparently not!!  However if this hadn't happened then this bit from the The Ellen Show wouldn't exist so I'm happy for that side of it.

In other female friendly news an NYPD police officer was held today in connection with a plot to kidnap, rape, cook and eat women!!  See the NYTimes article here.  Oh and apparently, like me, he's on OkCupid according to this post on Gothamist.   WTF!!!  I'm kind of waiting for his defense to claim he was researching a book he planned to write about a serial killer or something other cockeyed excuse.

I was telling Deesha just the other day that I was feeling kind of meh about the whole dating thing and was pondering whether to disable my OKC account again and this pretty much seals the deal.  To be honest I am realizing that meh is pretty much my baseline when it comes to men from a romantic perspective.  Not that I'm not down with potentially meeting the love of my life, but I don't have high expectations of that happening and it's not like I feel unfulfilled with my life as a single woman, so why bother with all this online nonsense.  When the meh feeling takes over I really have no interest in dating, George Clooney could ask me out and I would say no.  S'true honestly so of course Linkedin decided to test my feelings and surprise me by recommending the Creative Cutie at the top of it's "People You May Know" list, a list he has NEVER shown up on before.  Seriously Linkedin, do you think that's going to bother me???  Phsst, you have no idea who you are dealing with!!!  Nevertheless I am in two minds about whether I shouldn't just keep my OkCupid account active on the off chance there is someone normal out there who catches me on a day when I am thinking "Yes I WILL go for that cup of coffee with this random guy who is in no way a serial killer."  Besides, there can't be more than one wannabe cannibal on the site.  Can there???


Amel said...

BIC for Her? Gee whizzzzz...

I guess when we're not in the mood for a relationship, then not even the good matches would entice us, no?

Anyway, have a lovely weekend! :-D

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I'm not very good at recognizing a good match right off the bat, so I need to go on a few dates first, so I need to learn to accept offers even if I am not in the mood just in case.