Monday, 29 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Rockaway Beach Surf Cam

Despite the hurricane warning I did wonder whether some idiot surfer, unaware of his limits, would go out and try to ride the 6-10 foot high waves we are getting in Rockaway right now, so I couldn't resist a sneaky peek from a very safe distance via the surfline beach cam.  

Here's how it looks at 8am, 4 hours before the predicted height of the storm and thankfully there are no surfers, but as you can see there are a couple of intrepid spectators.  

Hurricane Sandy comes to Rockaway. 8am, Monday October 29th.  

Rockaway is in a mandatory evacuation zone, but the news channels - which all have reporters out in evacuation zones - are reporting on how the majority of residents in evacuation zones have not evacuated and decided to hunker down and wait out the storm.  The channel I'm watching, NY1, also mentioned that they've seen a few people out jogging this morning along the boardwalk.  Ha!!

It's a fairly boring looking rainy day on the upper east side.  I'm using the tree across the street as a barometer for how windy it is and the leaves don't even look to be moving.  The calm before the storm perhaps.  My friend just emailed to tell me that the gym at 91st and 3rd IS open and she is heading there now.  I think I'll stick with working out at home, she's just across the street from that gym, but I am significantly further and have no wish to be caught outside when the weather turns.  I don't need to get hit with any flying debris.

Personally I'm soooooo happy that Sandy decided to visit on a work day - Irene chose a weekend.  I may not be able to get out of doing work entirely - sadly there is never a 'snow day' when we all have laptops - but at least I can work on my sofa in comfy clothes.

I'll try and update this post with another pic at the height of the storm.

Update: Surfline must be experiencing heavy traffic as it's hard to access the Rockaway Surf Cam, but here's a screen grab I managed to get at 12.20pm EST, it's definitely looking much bigger and not in the least bit surfable :-)  Meanwhile the leaves continue to gentle flutter on the trees of the Upper East Side.

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