Thursday, 17 May 2007

Employee Benefits

I feel like I left my brain behind this morning. I had a rare chance to nip over to the gym for a lunch time workout and was in the office lobby about to head out of the door before realising I'd forgotten my gym pass. Back upstairs to get it, and then over to the gym, I was all changed and raring to hit the cross trainer when......where are my trainers? Oh yes, under the desk at work. Duh!!

I stood in the changing room for a second wondering if I could get away with working out in my socks, but I've seen people be kicked out of the gym for that - a safety issue I assume - and my kitten heel Christian Louboutin mules ($200 at a sample sale) weren't going to cut it, so no exercising for me today. I used my time wisely though; I took a trip up to the Estee Lauder company store to replenish supplies. I got a 'travel exclusive' Daywear Plus Moisturiser and a 30ml Idealist Skin Refinisher (love that) for $46.87. Sold individually at retail they would have cost $91.57, so a 49% saving. Marvellous!!

Generally the week is not going so bad, but I'm just soooooo tired, although thankfully Jose 'look at me I have leadership qualities' B is not driving me quite as bonkers as last week with his bossing.

Jose B: We need the program business case for the 4pm meeting.
Me: Don't you think we need a program IDEA before we develop a business case around it?
Jose B: No, I think we need to draft the business case

Upstart!!! He is so NOT the boss of me, however I did provide a draft - full of placeholders - and passed it back to him with a request for the missing information. That shut him up, temporarily at least, although it also helps that he's got a new target, Joe, the guy tasked with creating the 'big idea' for the pitch and who ended up working through the night last night.

Have to say that Joe's arrival on the business has improved things significantly. The man is a juicy piece of lusty pash. He came down to talk to me yesterday to get up to speed and I almost swooned. I was glad to note he did a double take when he saw me too, so either I had a bogey on the end of my nose or I was more attractive that he was expecting for the Geek Department.

Admittedly I went slightly cyber stalker and Googled him moments after he'd left my desk. He's on friendster and am happy to note his profile indicates he is 'looking to date women'. With a man who dresses that well you have to wonder.

I sent the profile link to Miles who agreed he is a hottie, but emailed me back to tell me I'm wasting my time as according to the testimonials from Joe's friends re: his 'amazing cock' he was clearly
playing for Miles' team.

I was confused given the 'looking to date women' note. A reread of the aforementioned testimonials revealed Joe is actually an amazing COOK.

He’s got a one track mind that one. Clearly he’s missing the lovely Kansas.

Unfortunately for me, Miles' dyslexia has probably ruined any possible chance I may have with Joe since I was just at a meeting where he presented his 'big idea' to the team, and as soon as he walked into the room I had to stifle a fit of the giggles at the idea of his friends' testimonials to his amazing appendage. Am so not professional.

Ah well, regardless of whose team Joe’s on he's great eye candy. I can barely wait to get to pitch meetings these days. Work until midnight with Joe you say? Why certainly Big Cheese!!

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