Wednesday, 9 May 2007

TopShop minus 3 hours

There were a grand total of eight women queuing up outside Barneys for the launch of cocaine Kate's collection for TopShop when I walked by around 8am this morning on my way to work. With the exception of 2 mumsy looking women in Burberry coats all the women were dressed identically in skinny jeans, trapeze tops and ballet flats. So much for expressing your individuality through fashion.

I'm surprised, I thought there would be a longer line given the US fashion media's excitement for anything TopShop. There were bigger queues for the opening of Grom Gelateria on the Upper West Side this weekend.

Maybe everyone's at home shopping online, the Barney's site is impossible to get onto this this morning.

Update (9:06am). Yup everyone's online, I finally got through to Barneys after repeated refreshing and the collection has 'temporarily sold out.'

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