Thursday, 19 July 2007

Surprising style inspiration

Crossing 50th street this morning there was a rather rotund woman walking towards me wearing bright yellow crocs and white pants. This made me laugh as, at a glance, it looked like she had duck feet. Then I looked up and saw she was wearing a royal blue top. That's a familiar look I thought. Where have I seen that before? Ahhh yes......

I wonder if this is part of an overall fashion trend inspired by Disney characters. Maybe tomorrow she'll be wearing a polka dot dress and sport a big bow in her hair.

To each her own I suppose.


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Ha! Least she's happy, eh? (Upon reflection, perhaps not.) But hey, I wear crocs for the beach - ONLY the beach, I hasten to add.. What brought you to NY? How long have you been there?

fishwithoutbicycle said...

It was the bright yellow crocs combined with the white pants that gave her such a duckish look :-)

Been in NY for 7years, my job brought me here. Before moving here I lived in Ealing for 6years. One of my best friends lives in West Kensington now so your post reminded me of my last trip over at Christmas when I stayed with him. Thanks for your comment. I found your blog via Victorya and really like it.

Victorya said...

tee-hee - those crocs always have me laughing and the yellow/white/blue combo would have by brain searching for the connection as well!

huhmm, maybe I should get some yellow crocs?

Anonymous said...

my underpants are that colour.

that bands video you posted. "the enemy", they are from coventry. not bad.

if you liked them you will also like "hard-fi" tracks to listen to are; living for the weekend & hard to beat.

have a listen to "the editors" as well: smokers outside the hospital doors. great tune.


Granny from manchester.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Victorya - don't buy the crocs I implore you :-)

Granny - thanks for stopping by and for the music tips. I love a bit o' Hard-Fi and Editors. Hard-Fi's first album is one of my absolute faves. I listen to Radio1 via t'internet to keep up with Brit music as much as poss, but appreciate any recos you can pass along. Btw I am originally from across the Penines - from Wakefield/Leeds area. Best, F

Anonymous said...

i have bright yellow crocs. :-(
i have size 4-5 and they are comfy.
so you can think what u want but i love them.