Sunday, 1 July 2007

Well wouldn't you know it...

So after writing a post about never being asked out, I went to a wine tasting last night with Emily, Jacqui and Emily’s friend Alison, and was asked for my number by, not one, but TWO men. Result! I'm still reeling from the shock. I shall report back if anything comes of it.

After the wine tasting Alison suggested going for a drink at ‘230 Fifth’, a popular rooftop bar housed on the 20th floor an office building located at, can you guess the address….why yes, 230 Fifth Avenue (at 27th Street).

I’m not much of a fan of places where you have to queue for bouncer approval before you’re allowed in, I'm too old for that crap, but Alison was keen to go and it was a beautiful night to drink outside, the allure of the 230 Fifth being its huge terrace with phenomenal views of the Empire State building and surrounding skyscrapers. It also has some interesting people watching and if you are looking to fulfill your Sex & the City lifestyle fantasy then 230 Fifth is the place to be, at least this week anyway. I’ve never seen so many clusters of women - all wearing cute little dresses with strappy high heels - sipping cosmopolitans; a drink request which these days will apparently get you laughed out of many of the city’s hipper bars. It was a bit surreal, like going back in time to the late nineties.

After an overpriced mojito ($13) we were in need of sustenance and hopped in a cab to Kyotofu in Hells Kitchen for dessert and sake. Have to admit that after my run of luck at the wine tasting I was hoping for the trifecta with the delicious Michael – co-owner of Kyotofu - who once showed slight interest in me when I met him a couple of months ago at Café Grumpy.

Unfortunately I was out of luck, since even though he was there – and looking lovely at that - he was run off his feet with the restaurant and barely cast a glance in our direction. Instead I compensated for the lack of attention with the deliciousness of the Black Sesame Sweet Tofu with hoji-cha roasted green tea syrup. I know, I know, right now you are thinking ‘Tofu? Tofu? A dessert made from tofu’, but trust me, it’s divine! Creamy and delicious, plus you can pretend its healthy, tofu being a good source of protein and all. Its practically diet food.

After the wine, the mojito, and the sake I am feeling slightly hung over this morning, better go work it off at the gym.


Carrie M said...

Maybe I should blog about how I never win the lottery...;-)

You know, I looked at that picture for a good minute or so trying to work out where in the world there would be a palm tree in the sightline of the Empire State Building...then I read the blog. That helps!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

You know, it's a very surreal experience at 230 Fifth. The place is FULL of palm trees. You stand there thinking, I feel like I'm in LA, but what's the Empire State Building doing here.

Btw I may have met 2 men, but neither of 'em have called me yet ;-)