Monday, 16 July 2007

It's just a dress for God's sake

I’m wearing a dress to work today. Admittedly not something I typically wear to the office, I’m usually the trousers and a top type when it comes to work wear, but I’m going out tonight - on a 4hour jazz cruise along the Hudson, I’m praying I have not succumbed to any sea sickness in my advancing years – however from the reactions I've had to my wearing a dress to work you'd think I'd arrived at the office in nothing but my underwear. Jose even told me I am "a little bit too dressed up." A comment I thought was a bit too cheeky quite frankly, but what can you expect from colleagues who don't bat an eyelid at the wearing tracksuits to the office.

It's a wrap dress, so I'll give you it could be slightly more cleavage-y than they're used to me wearing and the addition of a tank top might have been sensible now that I come to think of it, but it's a perfectly decent below the knee casual rayon wrap dress from Banana Republic, it's not THAT tits out, so I’m really not sure what all the fuss is about. However after all the comments I was feeling a bit self conscious, so I've frumped it up a bit with the addition of a cardigan and a strategically placed safety pin to bring up the neckline an extra ½ inch. I had a stash of safety pins in my office drawer for such an emergency - can you tell I was a girl guide?

In other news, I was surprised to receive a call last night from one of the guys who asked for my number at the wine tasting a few weeks back - 2 weeks and 2 days ago to be exact -where despite the odds not being in favour of my gender - 80% women, 20% men as is typical for such events in New York - I was asked for my number by, not one, but TWO men. I was so shocked at this unusual turn of events that my friends had to practically peel me off the floor!! Of course I didn't hear a peep from either man until last night, but quite frankly I cared not a jot as I wasn’t that enamoured of either of them at first meeting, but was willing to at least go for a quick drink and see if we had any chemistry. I was a bit flummoxed though that both these guys would actually ask for my number, but then not bother calling, until now of course. I mean, what’s that about? Why bother asking in the first place?

However, surprise surprise, one of the men – let’s call him Harry - called me on Sunday evening. I'm not sure what I think about that to be honest. I'm not one for games, or following ‘the rules’, but I'm thinking that waiting 2weeks and 1day to call me displays a distinct lack of enthusiasm don't you? Waiting a week wouldn’t have been so bad, but anything longer than that is not so great. Nevertheless I called him back for a chat and thought I may as well see about going out for a drink with the boy if nothing else. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right.

Unfortunately our phone conversation turned out to be quite stilted and I couldn't wait to get back to watching CSI to be frank, a repeat episode at that, so it doesn't bode well for a future meeting, however I’m not even sure we’ll make it to an actual date, as even though he did ask, after a few brief pleasantries about our respective weekends, if I’d be interested in meeting him for an after work drink sometime, when I said I would, he responded he was very busy this week and told me to call him at the weekend to plan something for the following week. Um...what!!! I should call HIM???

I gently refused and said ‘Why don’t you give me a call instead.’ He said he would, but I’m not expecting to hear from him, but who knows, he may prove me wrong.


pawpads said...

Did he give a reason for having waited for over 2 weeks?
If he'd been away ~ that's understandable ~ but like you said, if the conversation on the phone is that stilted the thought of a date doesn't bode well.

Victorya said...

Ugh, the perils of dating in NYC. two weeks is awfully long- makes one wonder if all the other women blew him off, you know? But I'm a pessimist when it comes to these things. And for him to ask you out, then want you to arrange it? Nutty.

Nice post BTW, good ease of reading. Came here through the google group thingie.


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for your comments. Victorya I am with you on dating in NYC, I'm a pessimist too, but I think that's not a bad thing as I have low expectations :-)

He didn't give a reason, if we do end up meeting I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and see if he says anything. A friend did point out it was the 4th July holiday between the wine tasting and the call, so...that could be a reason, but I'm not making any excuses for him :-)