Sunday, 27 June 2010

Mu(e)llered :-(

Dear oh dear oh dear!!!

Well, I knew it would be a tough game against Germany today, but I didn't expect them to defeat us quite so spectacularly!! 4-1!! Well, 4-2 if truth be told, but still!!! As the saying goes in England we were most definitely mullered today.
Where was your defense England?? Upson, Terry, what was going on??? Honestly it was shocking, even if we were robbed of our second goal by the pillock of a Uruguayan referee - Strategy Hottie has Uruguayan roots so I may well glare at him tomorrow - we were outplayed and Germany deserve to go through.


I'm looking forward to seeing the headlines in the British tabloids, the sun already has "Franks For Nothing" over a photo of a stunned Frank Lampard!!

Looking on the bright side I did pick Germany in the office pool, so let's see if they can win me $160!!

Okay time to sort out some lunch before settling in for the Argentina vs. Mexico game!! I'm craving the delicious tacos from Cascabel Taqueria, so I guess my belly is rooting for Mexico!! ;-)


Jonathan said...

I saw the start of it at my in-laws, and walked away to get a drink after about 15 minutes - predicting at least 4 or 5 goals for Germany :)

There's so much we could write about the apathetic audience in the UK - who are vocal in their complaints, but not willing to do anything *themselves* about it...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Jonathan, yes it was a crap game for England. Oh well, onward to 2014 ;-)

Kitty said...

ha, I wish I were more worldly about such things to know exactly what you're talking about, lol.

Mark and I did catch the US game and were delighted to hear yelling in the streets after the US goal. Then, of course, silence. But it was a good showing at least.

Mark made a good point about how soccer requires continuous play and may never fully catch on here (in the world of commercial-break-driven-tv) because of it.

A shame. Soooo much more interesting than baseball. :-\

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

Perhaps Mark is right about it not catching on over here. Certainly the advertisers wouldn't like it.

Funnily enough the lack of continuous play is exactly the reason I struggle to get into US sports, because I find it difficult to sustain my interest with all the breaks. The only US sport I've been able to get into is the ice hockey, which is kind of similar to the footie.