Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Wow....June already!!!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post. I had all these good intentions to write more and had been trying to stick to a writing exercise called 'morning pages', where you pretty much write 3 pages of anything that falls out of your brain, in the hope that it would result in an inspiration to post more on my blog, but that lasted a whole 2 days and only resulted in one post - the one before this - before work commitments interfered.


I used to be able to write so easily, but that's not the case anymore. It's hard to find the time, although oddly I find it easier to write on a weekday even when I am exhausted from working all day, than I do on a Saturday or Sunday, because there's something repellent about sitting in front of a computer on a weekend after I've spent the last 5 days doing the very same thing, that stops me from writing even when I'm doing nothing more than lounging around on the sofa watching reruns of Law & Order that I've seen at least twice before.

I can't exactly pinpoint what changed that's made it so hard to write, but I strongly suspect becoming a manager of a team last year had something to do with it. I manage 4 people, a small team in the scheme of things, and they are fantastic, but 3 of them need a good amount of guidance and it's not easy to manage them effectively as well as keep up to speed with everything that's going on with the clients I'm responsible for. It also doesn't help that one of my client leads - someone who was tough to work with, but who I developed a great relationship with over the last 7years - resigned a couple of weeks ago which was a big loss for my team so now I am having to try and schmooze for business with new clients, something that doesn't come naturally to me, I'm not a natural born schmoozer, but I am good at building relationships with existing clients and keeping them happy so that they stay with the Agency, but unfortunately schmoozing is the priority right now.

Quite honestly I'm exhausted, I don't know how people with children do it, personally I'm praying for a lottery win!!


Amel said...

Oh dear...well, no wonder you haven't been writing here as much as you want to 'coz you've got so much on your plate already and during the weekends it's VERY understandable that you want to do something else other than sit in front of the computer. So just go, enjoy your weekends and when life is less hectic, we'll still be here!!! But it'd be nice to read about your life just a little from time to time so that we know you're OK. :-D

HUGS!!! :-D

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks Amel, you are a sweetie. Hugs to you too xx

Jonathan said...

For me it's not a problem of finding time to write - more a problem of managing what I SHOULD be doing against what I would LIKE to be doing...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Jonathan, I hear you on that :-)

Kitty said...

ha. I know, I think about people with kids ALL the time for some reason. It's terrible. I should instead think of rock stars or people working two jobs or just overworked ladies in New York ;-)

I have hopes for the recession getting a tad better. So hopefully things will be less insane for you!