Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fate is a bitch!!

So I came into the office this morning to find that the project I’d planned to come in and work on over the President’s Day Holiday yesterday has been pushed back pending client feedback. Yay!!!

How happy was I to have made the right decision to be a lazy bitch yesterday and not come into the office. I would have been peeved had I made the effort to come in and do some work only to find out the next day that the project is temporarily on hold and I’d wasted a day off.

So on Friday I received an invitation to a 1pm kick off meeting today for a client I’ve been working on sporadically over the last few months and strictly speaking it wasn’t a meeting I really needed to attend, more of a ‘nice to know’, but when I looked at the list of invitees whose name should be directly above mine, but ta da dah….the Creative Cutie.

Phew!! Be still my beating heart!!

I mean CLEARLY it was a sign right? Fate was on my side.

To be honest the timing really could not have been any better from my perspective: my hair was looking good after a recent trim and was maintaining the cute flippy flirty style owing to the low humidity. I kid you not I’d enjoyed no end of compliments over the last week since I’d had it trimmed – from many a gay man no less which is when you really know you're looking the bees knees. I’d also conveniently booked a facial on Saturday morning, so this morning my skin still had that post pampering glow and the 6 or 7 gym classes I’ve been enduring every week over the last 2months or so was finally starting to pay dividends – I even bought a bikini on Monday. Oh yessssss the planets were most definitely aligning in my favour, but just to be on the safe side I got up 30minutes earlier than usual this morning to ensure I had enough time to look my very best, taking time over my hair and make-up and selecting a top to wear that both flattered my figure – very Mad Men, all nipped in at my newly trim waste and in a vibrant blue that brought out the color of my eyes. Quite frankly I was GIDDY for this meeting!!

Yes, things were going well, too well in fact and with my luck I was convinced the meeting would be cancelled, but no, at 10am this morning a confirmation note from the account lead popped into my inbox, the meeting was a go, Creative Cutie and I would be breathing the same recycled air come 1pm. Phew my stomach was a bundle of nervous knots!!

So 1pm arrived and I made my way to the conference room on the creative floor, bumping into the account team along the way. The two lead creatives met us outside, where we clustered and made introductions while waiting for the previous occupants to vacate the room, then project management arrived, followed by strategy and…um...where was he????

Seriously....WHERE WAS HE!!!!!!!!!!!

Once ensconced in the conference room a couple of junior creatives arrived late only to be waved away by the lead copywriter, who had the hairiest hands I've ever seen by the way. “You don’t need to be here for this,” he informed them and they'd scurry off relieved, much to the irritation of the account lead.

Um...hello, what's going on???? Why oh why oh why was the most important person - in my eyes at least - a no-show?

I tried to pay attention to the presentation, but I admittedly had half an eye glued to the door scrutinizing everyone that passed by the glass-walled room. Perhaps he was late; perhaps he’d turn up halfway through the meeting, apologetic for his tardiness owing to a deadline for another client.


He didn’t!!

Where the f*** was he?

At the end of the meeting I got my answer. Apparently he’s not going to work on the account, because he’s 'a print guy' and they need 'a digital guy.’

Pht!!! I couldn't believe it. All that primping and 30minutes of sleep sacrificed for nothing. How utterly selfish of him not to do digital!!

To be honest it’s not that I was expecting anything to come of the meeting beyond having a legitimate reason to say hi to him on the rare occasion that we pass each other in the hallway, but I'll admit that I did hope that having a legitimate reason to speak to him might provide an opportunity for it to turn into something more.


Hey ho!!

So close and yet so far; clearly it is just not meant to be :-(



Amel said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...I can almost feel your disappointment. :-((( SORRY to hear that you couldn't even meet him.

Surprised to read that 7 people resigned. Hope there'll be suitable people to take over their positions.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel,

Yes I felt pretty deflated, but it is what it is.

So yesterday I learned of two more resignations!! Eeek!!

Kitty said...

Here I was thinking you would say he left the company!

How weird?

There are no office parties at all? No happy hours? Nothing?

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

Oh there are happy hours. Quite a lot of them truth be told, however I've only ever seen him at one of them. I've made an effort to show up at almost all of them just in case I get my chance, but while I almost always see his friends I rarely see him. It is what it is.

Hope you are having a great weekend,