Friday, 25 February 2011

Well it’s been quite a week all in all...

...what with the divisional resignation tally climbing to 9 – over 10% of the workforce - and then my friend Emma breaking up with her boyfriend of 5years after he told her that he just couldn’t see himself being with one woman for the rest of his life and couldn’t get excited about proposing to her.


Truth be told things haven’t been great between the two of them for a while, but they’ve broken up – largely owing to his inability to make a formal commitment - and got back together several times in the past, however this time it does seem to be more final. Things came to a head on Wednesday when they stayed up all night arguing.

“I’d like to take you up on your offer of a place to stay,” she IM’d me on Thursday morning.

“Absolutely,” I responded, but admittedly half of me wondered if her deciding to move out would prompt her boyfriend into charming her into staying as it had done in the past.

Not so.

I texted her around 8pm en route to my apartment after Pilates class to ask her how she was doing and let her know I’d be home in about 15minutes.

“I just got to Williamsburg, I’ll text you when I am on my way,” she replied.

Okay so they’d probably talk and she would need to pack so that meant I’d probably have at least a good hour to get my apartment looking spick and span before she arrived which was good news, because as the week progresses the place tends to become a little more dishevelled than I would like – mostly dishes I’ve left in the sink and magazine and clothing strewn around. Nothing major, but I would have been slightly embarrassed to have someone stay without having a chance to give the place a good clean.

At 8.10pm I received a phone call, “I’m on my way, remind me of your cross streets?”

Oh good Lord this was going to be the speediest apartment cleaning in history!!

By 8.30pm last night she was at my place with a suitcase and informing me that she’d already signed up on OKCupid with the hope of lining up a date for Saturday, “I need a distraction,” she claimed.

Hmm, I’m not sure whether to applaud her bravery or be concerned that she is jumping back into the dating world so quickly, but it certainly lit a fire under my arse to be a bit more pro-active about my own romantic life or lack thereof since I’ve not exactly embraced the whole eHarmony thing as yet and we spent the evening comparing profiles of the men we’d been matched with on various sites. Interestingly I, with my preference for artistic types, get all the I-bankers that Emma prefers, whereas she gets matched to all the artistic men that I like. Hmmm!!


Kitty said...


This reminds me of someone I know. Not me, but an friend of mine who was dumped by her bf of 4 years. It was final.

I guess it is better in the long run that the relationship end? but it's depressing to hear.

In the end, it's so good to have women friends. You're good to take her in at such a time.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I agree I that it's better in the long run, but it's tough in the short term. She has a pretty good attitude though.

Amel said...

Maybe you can have a double date so if the other guy matches you better, you can switch? (I know, crazy idea he he...)

But anyway, breaking up is always hard, isn't it? Glad your friend seems to be taking it in stride (I hope that's the correct term, 'coz lately my English brain has been rusty).

Mike S said...

Amel's kinda on the thought path I was on. Simply enter your info with your name on hers & vice versa as far as likes, etc. Can't be worse than dating a buncha staid banker types.

Evey said...


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fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel, Mike,

My friend is on a different dating path to me, so I am thinking we will be unlikely to double date. I am kind of worried about her to be honest, I feel she is jumping back into dating too soon, I mean it's only been a week since her 5 year relationship ended, but all I can do is keep an eye on her.


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Evey,

Thanks for stopping by, I am so flattered that you like my blog, I will definitely stop by yours.