Monday, 21 February 2011

President's Day

Oh great, more snow. I heard on NY1 news this morning that the city’s had 5feet of snow fall in 2011 so far!! I've had enough!! You’d have thought the inclement weather would have detracted a few people from the 10.30am body conditioning class, but that was far from the case.

Call me crazy, but wasn't the fact that the studio was busier than Macy’s on Black Friday and all the step benches were taken something of a clue that the class was full? Apparently not, people were just shoehorning themselves into the teensiest spaces at the back without regard for the people who were already there. If I was the one coming in that late I’d think ‘oh okay, the class is full, I’ll just go and work out in the gym on my own’, but not these girls, no way Jose, come hell or high water they were joining the class. Don’t you just LOVE LOVE LOVE the sense of entitlement and lack of consideration displayed by some New Yorkers??? I was in danger of succumbing to gym rage I don’t mind admitting, but on the plus side at least I felt calmer after getting a few endorphins whizzing around in class and I am finally starting to see my efforts pay off and while I am not quite ready to throw on the bikini just yet I don't feel as if those days are far off which is good, because I've got a couple of trips to Southern California looming in the second half of the year and I want to feel confident about flashing the flesh on the beach.

I pondered going into work after the gym today to get a few bits and pieces off my plate knowing it would make my life easier next week what with one of my team being out for the next two weeks and another out for the first 2 days of the 4 day work week, but what with the snow and the cold I just couldn’t be arsed. I felt entitled to my holiday Monday. Not that I’ve spent the day lazing around, oh no, my apartment sparkles, so that’s something to stave off the regret I will inevitably feel tomorrow about not putting in a few hours.

So it was quite the week at work last week with the division being hit by seven – yup seven – resignations, about 10% of the work force. Two were something of a surprise – one had an offer he’d be a fool to refuse and another’s wife has an opportunity abroad – but the other five were not that much of a surprise, to us peons at least. Our usually unemotional divisional head on the other hand...well he looked positively shell shocked on Friday. I think he's so used to things running smoothly that he was more than a little blindsided by the news, despite the fact that people have been telling him for months that several people were at risk. I don't think he believes it until they actually walk. It could be an interesting week at work.

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