Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Alone Again....Bliss!!!

So my cousin left on Saturday morning and is safely back in England in the bosom of his family!!


It's so nice to have my apartment back to myself again, although I've definitely released my inner slob as the place is much messier than when I had a visitor keeping me in check.  All in all it was a good visit, but having him stay for two weeks was definitely a week too long.  I don't know how my friend Deesha does it, her parents and in-laws always seem to be either visiting or planning multiple-month long visits from India to stay with her and her husband in their tiny one bedroom Hells Kitchen apartment, or at least they did.  She and her husband recently moved to Kansas City for his high flying job and they're now living in a large 3 bedroom apartment.  They have so much space they don't quite know what to do with it all.  Check out this photo of her living room, you could fit my entire apartment in there twice over and the place probably costs half what I pay in rent!!  That's the thing about NYC living, you pay a premium to live in what would be considered a hovel anywhere else just because it's NYC, but still, I'd rather be here than in Kansas City.  No offense KC, but you are land locked, where would I surf??

Deesha's KC Apartment
Deesha emailed me yesterday - lovely to hear from her, I miss her heaps - and was saying that they anticipate her mother in law to visit for 2-3 weeks in September and after that "my parents will come...sigh...though sometimes its very lonely here, so I might not mind the company. I just don't like the overall home overhaul effort and interference/lack of privacy when family visits."

Ha, I know the feeling, but I suppose now that they live in a massive apartment, the likes of which only billionaires can afford if it were in NYC, they can just have visitors take over a wing of their home and leave them to their own devices ;-)

As I said two weeks was definitely a week too long for me and my experience does make me wonder whether I could ever live with a bloke since I find I'm gritting my teeth and tolerating visitors after a few days.  I once read that the actor Guy Pearce and his wife live in separate houses but next door to each other, which sounds like a perfect marriage to me, although I would be less rigid than Guy and would at least allow my husband to live in a granny flat within the same grounds as the main house ha ha!!  

Speaking of marriage Melissa is jumping around with excitement at the moment because her husband is off on a boys weekend on Friday and this will be the first time she's slept alone in her own bed since she got married!!  She can't wait, whereas lucky me, I get to sleep like a starfish and take up my entire queen sized bed every night should that be my want.  We're going to have a girly weekend while her husband is away, nothing major, just dinner and drinks at a restaurant we've been wanting to try on Saturday night, although it won't be a late one as I am hoping to surf on Sunday.
As for blokes well there are a couple of cute ones at the new job - well I say new, I've been here almost 6-months now - which are good eye candy and brighten my day at the office.  One is my traditional type, the senior creative that I've previously alluded to, the EVP GCD.  I don't see him so much now that I've moved out of a cube and into a shared office further away from where he sits, but have noticed that whenever I do get to leave the office at 6.30pm - fairly early for me of late - and pass his office on the way out that he's already left - slacker - but I did get a smile from him last week which was nice.  It was funny because I literally broke off conversation with my account person to smile back, although my account guy is very professional and didn't mention it.  I am determined not to make the same mistakes I made with the lovely Creative Cutie in my last job* should EVP GCD actually be available and interested.  My imagination has been working over time regarding his early departure and I fancy he's having to pick his child up from day care.  He doesn't wear a wedding band, but you never know.  

The other juicy piece of lusty pash is a media planner that sits near my new office and has a bit of the drop dead gorgeous thing going on.  He reminds me a little of Tom, a young 6ft 3 Adonis who used to sit opposite me in my last job.  When Tom first started working in our department hoards of young account women would find excuses to come up to our floor for meetings just to swoon over him.  To Tom's credit he was polite, but unfazed by the attention.  Truth be told looking like he did he was probably used to women falling all over him and assumed that was normal female behavior.  While good looking Media Bloke is not nearly as attractive as Tom, but he's actually better in a way, being older and not in the same department so finding him attractive feels a lot less pervy-incestuous.  Tom started to feel like family, so admiring him for his looks just felt so very very wrong, like fancying my brother or something, however Media Bloke is of a similarly tall and toned stature and I had a couple of enjoyable moments last week where I had to squeeze by him in the tight corridor that leads to the far kitchen.  He's very manly and I'll admit that as I squeezed by I thought "could you just hug me for a second".  Sometimes I feel that starting - or ending - the day with a bear hug from an enormous bloke would make my day feel a whole lot better.  Clearly this is at odds with my having him live in the granny flat, although perhaps I could set up a bell system a la the servants quarters on Downton Abbey and I could ring for my morning bear hug.  I also suspect Manly Media Bloke might be single because sometimes he makes very unfortunate sartorial choices.  He wore baggy off-white pants with a thin blue pinstripe last week - a definite pajama vibe - with green and red shoes and I seriously doubt that woman would let him leave the house in that get up, although he was actually pretty dressed pretty well today in a a deep red shirt and dark jeans - which work for his coloring.  He also coordinates well with me as I am wearing a blue dress with a small dark red pattern, so we would look good if we went on a date, well...aside from the heigh differential.  Height wise we are akin to that new celebrity pairing of Ellen Page (5-ft 1) and Alexander Skarsgard (6-ft 4). 

It's the first time I've worn a dress to work this summer, usually I break out the dresses and expose my pale pins as soon as it gets too hot to walk, but this year I haven't because despite having more of a tan than usual because I've been out at the beach surfing every weekend I've also been a lot more bruised than usual - because of surfing - so I've been keeping my legs under wraps.

*Is it wrong that I still help that the Creative Cutie will show up as a freelance at the new agency I am working at?  I do struggle to let things go sometimes, especially when it comes to men, but this one was quite the hottie, like a young Dennis Quaid.  Sigh!!  Damn me and my missed opportunity.

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