Friday, 31 August 2012

Toothpaste? Seriously!!

Did you know that toothpaste works like a charm at cleaning tarnished silver jewelry?  No?  Me either, but I Googled "how to clean silver jewelry" and using toothpaste came up as a recommendation, along with baking soda.  Skeptical I tried it on these earrings that are cute, but not my favorites.  It's worth mentioning that I'd soaked this pair in a chemical cleaner for more than 12 hours overnight and the result was the earring on the right.  I rubbed toothpaste on the earring on the left and hey presto it looked like new within seconds.  Seconds!!  Sorry the photo's a bit dark I had to use my phone camera which has no flash as I'd run out of batteries for my proper camera.

Admittedly my earrings do have a minty fresh scent, but that's not the worse thing in the world.  Apparently the key ingredient is the baking soda, so gel toothpastes won't work.  I went on a jewelry cleaning frenzy after that.  I have a bunch of silver bangles that I'd bought on my South American travels that I wasn't wearing as they were heavily tarnished, but they look perfect again now!!  I'm so happy!! 


Amel said...

Oh, COOL tricks!!! So gel toothpaste won't work? I'll try to remember that. :-)

Yeah, I understand why you went on a cleaning frenzy after the discovery he he he...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel,

I'm quite honestly flabbergasted by how well this worked. I'm not a big wearer of jewelry, but what I had become so tarnished I had stopped wearing it altogether. Now that I've cleaned it all with toothpaste I feel like I have a whole bunch of new stuff.

First the banana freezing and now the toothpaste jewelry cleaning, I'm learning so much in 2012 ;-)

Amel said...

Here's to learninggggg (and feeling like you have a whole bunch of new stuff)!!! :-D I also LOVE practical tips. :-D