Thursday, 30 August 2012


Oh how I love those weeks where Friday=Payday=half day before a 3 day weekend!!  I cannot wait, not that I have anything special planned for Labor Day beyond not going into work.  I really should make some plans, so that I don't end up sat on my arse watching TV, which could happen if the current weather continues.  So far it's one of those horrible weeks in New York where it's overly humid, wet and just downright grimy.  I don't know about you but I am ready for autumn!!  I even indulged in a little jacket shopping at Old Navy the other week, I got the charcoal version of this faux-leather jacket with a 25% off new arrivals offer.
Yup, it's pleather!!  Oh the shame, although in charcoal I think you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference and it was $37.45, so I'll suck it up, or take Deesha's advice and play the animal friendly card in my vegan jacket!!  I also ordered it in the brown as so many reviews raved about it in that color, but I don't love it, I think it looks cheap, so I think I will return that one, although part of me is all "hmmmm, for $37.45 perhaps I should just keep it in case it grows on me."  However my gut says "No, you won't wear it, it will just be something else to take to the charity shop next year and a waste of $40!!"  My gut wins.  

I've got full body soreness going on at the moment, due to a combination of surfing, Pilates and making an effort to walk more often.  I walked a good 3 hours on Sunday from the Upper East Side to SoHo to run some errands and then back again.  Me legs, bum and back are all incredibly sore, so I'm dithering whether to go surfing this weekend.  The forecast looks more beginner friendly on Saturday if this forecast from Magic Seaweed is to be trusted - don't ask me what everything means I've yet to work it all out.  Surfing is complicated - but I don't know if I can face the early start this weekend and none of my kook posse are available to come out, so I'd have to motivate myself to schlep out to Rockaway alone, carry my board from the locker to the less crowded beach etc etc.  I just feel so tired that the prospect doesn't appeal right now, but maybe things will look better tomorrow.  Sunday looks bigger and better for experienced surfers, so will likely bring out the short boarding hoards which always makes me feel a bit intimidated and I worry about getting in the way - no-one needs a surfboard to the face.  I try my best to give them their space and find quieter spots, but during the summer you're only allowed to surf the few specific beaches once the lifeguards come on duty at 10am, so we're all clustered together in the same spots, but after Labor Day, the beaches are closed to swimmers and we can surf wherever we like.  Hurrah, I cannot wait. 

Wednesday September 5th looks like it's going to be good if this forecast holds.  It's too big for my level of expertise, but I will check the surf cams online from work and see if it really does look like it's 5ft.  It would be cool to see people surfing bigger waves in NYC!!
So, I took a summer day last Friday and headed out to the beach with Richie, Alex and Jeremy, however I was kind of annoyed by the experience as I feel like I am regressing - my pop up is terrible and I keep pearling - nosediving rather than catching the wave - and all Richie - surfing a total of 1 year, but just back from surf camp - could do was give me unsolicited advice....paddle harder, you popped up too late, the problem with your board is....


I appreciate that he does give me a lift and all, but I'm tired of him giving advice. I know I am not doing well at the moment and I'm feeling a bit disheartened by it, but leave me the eff alone to make my own mistakes.

To be fair I am not the only one he does it to, as at one point he was stood on the beach waving Alex and Jeremy to come further in because they were sat too far on the outside to catch any waves.

"They'll never catch anything sat there," he said, "what are they doing, talking about philosophy?  They need to come further in," and then proceeded to walk down to the shore and wave them to come closer in.

Um...perhaps they are talking about philosophy Richie, perhaps they are enjoying taking a break and don't need you interferring, have you considered that? Seriously the man goes to one surf camp and suddenly thinks he's a surf instructor. If he'd been surfing for years I wouldn't mind, but it's been less than a year!!


Anyway we shall see, but I'm so tired I'm a bit more inclined to consider booking a last minute massage.


Amel said...

Ahhhh...I can relate to the unsolicited ass-vice. If I get that during PMS, don't blame me if the person giving me the ass-vice gets some stinky explosive bombs of wrath HA HA HA HA HA...ahem...yeah, as you can tell by now, I AM PMSing hi hi...

The jacket looks lovely! :-D And I think it's wise to let your gut wins this time he he...

Anyhow, whether you end up surfing or not, just ENJOY the long weekend!!! Next week I'll start going back to work...not on Monday, but SIX DAYS straight from Wed! GASPPPP...We'll see how I cope with that hi hi...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ha I totally hear you Amel, I have PMS right now too, I think that's partly why I feel so tired.

Good look with work next week :-)