Tuesday, 21 August 2012

So apparently eating water melon makes your skin glow

S'true, I read it in a women's magazine this weekend, so obviously it's gospel.  Something to do with the lycopene apparently.

I must have eaten a bucket full of watermelon this weekend, so it's a good job I have the glowing skin thing down today as perhaps it will detract from the fact that I burned a good inch and a half chunk off the back of my hair this morning.  Not exactly a good start to the week!!  It's my own fault, I like the hair dryer on the hotter side so that I can flip out the layers of my naturally straight hair and give it more body and bounce.  It hasn't been cooperating in the last few weeks, because the humidity makes it go limp whatever I try to do with it and then my hair dryer conked out last week so I've been making do with a crappy travel dryer, that is until my fancy new Babyliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic 2000-Watt hairdryer arrived from Amazon.  Gotta love a bit of German engineering in a hair dryer. It arrived on Friday, but today was one of the first  less humid days that's made it worthwhile even attempting to style my hair, so I was able to put my new dryer through it's paces.  Hmmmm, I guess the 2000 watts were a little too powerful, especially on the highest heat setting, because it melted the plastic bristles of the styling brush into my hair.  I didn't realize until I ran my fingers through it and encountered what I initially thought was a knot.  I was mortified when a thick chunk of hair came with the knot as I tried to pull it out along with little bits of singed plastic.  Ugh!!  Warm setting only from now on.

Fortunately because my hair is layered anyway I don't think it's that noticeable, but obviously I can't see the back of my head and I didn't have a small enough mirror to hold up behind me to check.  I would have had to lift my full length mirror off the bedroom wall and take it to the bathroom to do that and the full length mirror is not exactly portable, nor my bathroom large enough to easily maneouvre a 5ft long mirror behind me, so I made do with running my hands behind my head to feel for any missing bits and as I said, I think it's not obvious that I am missinga  chunk, but I will ask office mate Amy when she arrives at work.

The journey into work didn't exactly improve my Monday as my subway carriage got to experience the joy of a young guy, clutching a bible, evangelizing loudly - and bilingually - as we travelled downtown.  "God loves you," he shouted, "he will give you back what is missing from your life."

"What about the Rolling Stones?"  retorted a man I couldn't see through the throngs.  "I'd like the Rolling Stones back in my life."  The man then started to sing "Let's Spend The Night Together," so the bible quoting man started preaching louder to compete, deafening the rest of us in the process.  Ahhh the New York City subway, this is exactly why I prefer to walk.  Unfortunately it's impossible to walk any distance of a half a mile or more during the summer without feeling that uncomfortable trickle of perspiration run down your back.  On the plus side we did have crisp 63F mornings this weekend.  Autumn is on it's way, I'll soon be unpacking my woolly jumpers again.  Yay!! 

Weekend wise it was just an okay one.  I was admittedly a bit mopey after discovering that my office crush, the EVP GCD, a man I admittedly only know in passing, but who does a double take every time he spots me in the hallway and makes a point of smiling at me, is married with a small child.

I knew it!!

Seriously, what the hell is he staring at me for if he has a beautiful wife and child at home?  I wouldn't mind so much about the staring and smiling if he wore a wedding ring, at least I'd know where I stood, but no, he's one of those married men that doesn't bother with a ring - immensely annoying for us single girls looking to sort the available wheat from the married chaff!!  It reminds me of when Canadian Jamie - who was on secondment from Toronto to the London office of the pharmaceutical company I briefly worked for - met and fell in love with Australian Fiona to whom he proposed.  As they discussed their upcoming nuptials he happened to mention that he wasn't sure whether he wanted to wear a wedding band, to which Fiona retorted "well you can wear a ring on your finger or you can wear a ring somewhere else, but you will be wearing a ring" ha I love it!!!

Anyway as far as the EVP GCD is concerned I'm irrationally disappointed that he's unavailable, although that's stupid because I really didn't know him, but it felt like there was potential at least and some fun in having a mild office flirtation but now my hopes have been dashed!!


So the upshot of me finding this out about the EVP GCD was that I Facebooked JJ the Creative Cutie, my crush from my previous job.  Damn damn damn damn damn!!  I've done that a couple of times in the past when we both still worked at the same company, but I've been trying to avoid doing it since I sent him the FB message asking him out and he never responded.  I still beat myself over him a bit though, I know, I know, I shouldn't but I can't help myself; I regret what I feel was a missed an opportunity.  True, I don't exactly know that he was interested, but he did spend a month coming down to the floor I worked on to play ping pong and would stare pointedly whenever I walked by en route to the loo.  He never said anything though and so the staring just freaked me out a bit, plus I wasn't exactly at my most confident at the time having put on a bit more weight than I would have liked - the demon drink and lack of exercise - so instead of thinking "hey this guy might be interested in me" I thought "why is he staring, what's wrong with me?"  I dunno, perhaps he started intently at every woman who walked by.  He stopped after a while, as soon as I started to think "could he be interested?  I should smile and see what happens" although of course by that point it was all a bit awkward.

I never really found out what the deal was with the staring, but when I learned he'd been let go from his job - a couple of months before I was let go - I decided I had nothing to lose, I wasn't going to run into him again and I should just ask him out, which I did, via Facebook very casually.  I think I said something along the lines of "Hey, I just heard you are no longer working at the agency, I'm sorry I won't see you around the office, but if you ever want to grab a drink let me know." and left my phone number.  It was perfect, very low key, no pressure. Of course he never responded, so who knows really, perhaps he was never interested.  

He has a whole pile of photos on FB these days - I'm such a stalker, hangs head in shame, although as Deesha said to me only yesterday "why are you embarrassed about Googling him, everyone does it." This is very true, I just worry about it being a slippery slope.  It's all well and good checking someone's FB profile once every 6-months out of curiosity, but I worry that once I start I'll soon be logging on on a daily basis to check for signs of a girlfriend.  No sign from the photos I saw this weekend so obviously there is still hope ha ha!!  God I am so sad, why can't I let this go?  I'll be honest, I do harbor hopes that he'll pop up as a freelance art director at the agency I'm working at now, but hellooooo Fish, sea all that, I need to keep in mind that there are other men out there.  Single very nice men.  I know fellow NYC ladies, it really doesn't feel that way, but trust me they are out there

I think I might go back on OkCupid in another month.  I can't go on there now, I find it too hot to date in this weather, I really don't want some sweaty man putting their hands on me at the moment, although there are some cuties down at the beach these days.  Goddamn the EVP GCD, I wasn't even particularly interested in dating until I found out he was married, I was happily single and now all of a sudden I'm feeling lonely.  Pshhhh!!  Oh well swings and roundabouts and all that, I'm a firm believer that you can't appreciate the ups without the downs, so I'm sure it will pass!! 


Kitty said...

oh...men are so weird.

but...was he away from fb for a while? I think if you are, then you no longer get messages. At least, that's what happened with me. Or the messages go to a secondary email that you rarely check?

anyway, I am hoping you get back in the dating thing, tho I know, it takes such energy and it can be such a downer. xo

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

Thanks for stopping by, you are always so sweet to come by and say hello on the rare occasions I post these days. I find time just spirals away from me these days.

So while i agree it's entirely possible that the Cute Creative did not receive an alert re my message - it's happened to me and I do have an up to date email linked to my Facebook profile - it feels too much like a refusal to accept the truth that he just isn't interested.

It's been almost a year now so I should just move on and to be honest I have, but then I have occasions where I feel a bit lonely and he pops into my brain again. Grrrrr!! I did check my messages about a month after - wondering if he had indeed responded and I just hadn't noticed - and when I looked at the message list I noticed to tiny photo icon next to his name had changed, so clearly he'd been on FB since and updated his photo. Oh well, moving on!! Or at least trying to.