Saturday, 7 January 2012

Atlantic Ocean 5, Fish Nil Points

I got my arse handed to me surfing this morning, the conditions were challenging to say the least, all choppy and it was tough to even paddle to the outside. "This is the worst it gets," said Frank who runs the surf school.

Good to know!!

"Just walk out as far as you can and take a beating in the impact zone and then when you see a break in the waves just jump on and paddle like crazy," said Richie one of the instructors. "If you try to paddle through the white water you'll never make it."

Good advice, the only problem is that when you're 5ft 1 you really can't walk out that far. I made it to the safe area outside of the impact zone, where the waves were breaking, maybe 3 or 4 times, but it was exhausting and I really didn't catch any waves. Last week was a walk in the park by comparison; I'm 3 hours out of the water and I ache everywhere from wrestling my board through the choppy water. It was worth it though and I was glad to note that the two big guys who are pretty decent surfers also had trouble. If 6ft plus blokes struggled then I don't feel so badly about struggling too. However days like today always make me feel so girly, especially when the surf instructors just walk out there without any problems. With all the weight training I do I am lulled into a false impression of being strong, especially relative to the other women I take classes with who more often than not stick to 8lb weights as their maximum while I use 15lb weights for chest presses, flies, rows and for extra weight during lunges and 8lbs as my lightest weight. See!!!! I'm no wuss, but today the ocean made me feel like a delicate wee flower.

I had a great time though, I'm exhausted but happy!!


Amel said...

WOOOOWWWWW...15 lb weights? That's awesome, woman! You're so strong in my eyes already. Glad to know you had fun, though. :-D

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ha ha thanks Amel, I try my best to push myself, although some of the less obviously fit women didn't seem like they were struggling quite as much. Perhaps they are natural born surfers.