Sunday, 22 January 2012

Night Of A 1000 Mikes*

So no dates this weekend, which is a good thing because it is FREEZING outside. I've just been out to do laundry and brrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Actually I potentially could have had a date today as I got chatting to a bloke at the NY surf meet up happy hour that Megan, Layla and I went to on Friday night - a fantastic bunch of people - and we exchanged numbers. Not wasting any time he sent me a text message on Saturday morning.

"Hey it's Mike from last night, it was nice meeting you. We should get together sometime and go for a surf. Waves might be good tomorrow."

Mike from last night? Well I met a bunch of Mikes last night, in fact it was like every other man I spoke to was named Mike, so the name didn't narrow it down much and more importantly....SURFING??????

It's 18 friggin' degrees outside (-7.7C)!!

While it's always nice to be asked I politely declined the invitation to succumb to hypothermia, although truth be told if I had the gear and more surfing experience I would have seriously considered it. The waves are better on the East Coast in winter and it's exhilarating to be out there in the cool water when you're toasty warm in your wetsuit.
Quiksilver even makes a battery powered heated vest that you wear under your suit. I have to say I find the combination of a battery powered suit and the ocean somewhat alarming, but it's been on the market for a couple of years and I've read reviews of it, so it must be safe. Mustn't it???

Anyway no dates this week, but next Saturday I am grabbing a coffee with Chris from OkCupid. Chris is one of those overly keen OkCupider men who emails very regularly without necessarily waiting for a response from me. He'll email to see how my weekend was, or ask if I had a good day at work. We haven't met yet and I already feel overcrowded by the guy, but we'll see. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not overly optimistic.

*Well, okay, I exaggerate, there were just 4 Mikes, but still it was quite a lot. I also had to laugh when I arrived at Chelsea Piers for my SurfSET fitness class on Saturday afternoon and realized my instructor there is also a Mike, it's like some surfing prerequisite.


Amel said... many Mikes thereeeee...

Uhhhh...battery and the ocean? That also raised my eyebrows he he...but an interesting concept nonetheless - and it seems to work, too, eh?

It's been cold here today...-19'C though it is "nothing" compared to last year as this year's winter has been VERY mild so far (last year the coldest was -37'C). Now that we haven't had such cold days, my body reacted strongly towards -19'C ha ha ha ha...

Anyway, HAVE FUN on the date...hope you'll have a good time!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

-37C!!! Good grief!!! We are having a very mild winter so far. Stay warm Amel.

Amel said...

Yeah but it's dry winter here, so it's not as cold even though the temperature may be -37'C he he...I think if it's damp, -19'C might feel more like -37'C ha ha...

I'm staying warm, thanks! :-D